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Opening Ceremony - New Cricket Pavilion - c1930

The Opening Ceremony of the new Cricket Pavilion - c1930

This photograph commemorates the opening of the new Burton Latimer Town Cricket Club pavilion about 1930. In the foreground the Club's President, Mr Wilfred T Harpur (in the light suit), hands over the keys of the new pavilion to Mr Bert Fox

Foreground: 1. Wilfred T Harpur, 2. Bert Fox

Watching Cricketers: 1. Ted Hyde, 2. Sid Eady, 3. Charlie Grainger, 4. Sam Cleaver, 5. ----?----, 6. Bernard Saddington, 7. ----?----, 8. Mr Gillard, 9. Walt Tailby

If you can add any of the missing names, please get in touch.

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