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Thorneloe & Clarkson Works Team - 1935

Thornloe & Clarkson Works Team 1935

Pictured here is the Thorneloe & Clarkson Works Cricket Team of 1935. The Shield was awarded to the Winners of the Burton Latimer Cricket Competition. The Company manufactured clothing and was located in Alexandra Street.

Back Row: 1. Frank Toop, 2. ----?----, 3. Bob Chamberlain, 4. Albert Toop, 5. Joffre Northern, 6. Jake Northern

Second Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----

Front Seated: 1. Teddy Smith, 2. Sid Baish

If you can add any of the missing names, please get in touch.

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