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The Horse & Groom (The Jockey) Cricket Team
Early 1950's

The Horse & Groom (Jockey) Cricket Team - early 1950's

This is the only photograph we have of a pub cricket team; the Horse & Groom (known locally as "The Jockey"). The photograph dates from the early 1950's

Back Row: 1. ----?----, 2. Norman Clipson, 3. Colin Smith, 4. Terry Irons, 5. Brian West, 6. Graham West, 7. Geoff Barclay

Front Row: 1. Norman Baish, 2. Monty Banks (landlord), 3. Bert Dunmore, 4. Nigel Patrick, 5. Derek ("Chip") King

If you can add any of the missing name, please get in touch.

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