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Transcribed by Sarah Gilbert from an unidentified local paper

Burton Latimer Temperance F.C.

Team photo of Burton Latimer Temperance FC in the 1893-4 season

This photo is of Burton Latimer Temperance Football Club, and was taken by Mr. R. Whitehead, 46, Broadway, Kettering, on a piece of waste land in the vicinity of the Broadway at the end of the season 1893-4. All the features in this photo, are of Burton Latimer men, all of whom are still living in Burton Latimer*, with the exception of one noted below.

[* As of the date of the newspaper article - which is unknown]

Reading left to right:-

Top Row (standing)

(1) Fred W. Stokes, was the Hon. Secretary of the club, and now resides on Higham Hill. He was for several years clerk to the Burton Parish Council.
(2) Tom Miller, resides in Roseberry Street, Burton, and is now a newsagent, etc., in High Street.
(3) William H. Perkins (“Billy”) was the brilliant captain of the team, and afterwards was the famous goalkeeper for Kettering, Luton, Liverpool and Northampton. Now resides in Station Road, and is employed at Buckby Bros., shoe manufacturers.
(4) Fred Evans, now a boot and shoe repairer, of High-street, residing in Finedon Street.
(5) Arthur Buckby, now one of the directors of Buckby Bros., Ltd., boot and shoe manufacturers, and resides in Station Road. He was the referee for this team, as they only used to play friendly matches and cup-ties, in which the home team used to provide the referee when playing at home.

Middle Row (sitting)

  1. William Buckby, also a director of Buckby Bros., Ltd. Used to be able to throw the ball in from the centre of the touch-line into the goal mouth. Now resides in High Street, Burton.
  2. Arthur Patrick, employed at William Timpson, Ltd., Kettering, as a clicker; resides in Finedon Street, Burton.
  3. William Munday, also a clicker at Whitney and Westley, Ltd, residing in Alexandra Street.

Bottom Row

  1. Jack Cooper, employed at Coles Boot Co., Burton Latimer, residing at Finedon Street.
  2. Charles Grainger, of Alexandra-street, employed at Finedon. Now acts as umpire to the Burton cricket team, and is also a fireman.
  3. Otho Tailby, manager of Whitney and Westley, Ltd, and resides in Station Road.
  4. Alex Bunyan, resides in Finedon Street.
  5. Arthur Cooper, brother of Jack, the only one who has left Burton Latimer, and is now living in Wellingborough.


Mr. Thomas Miller, of 58, High Street, Burton Latimer, who figures in the photograph, sends some interesting particulars of the Club. He says:-

“Perhaps there was not the scope to show up in those days as there is today, as there were no League or Cups to play for. The only Cup, as far as I can remember, was one which Mr. Bill Cattell gave, and which was played at the Kettering North Park grounds, which he used to own. We reached the semi-final on one occasion, but were beaten by Finedon Excelsiors, who went on to win the cup, beating the then famous junior team, Kettering Vics. Probably the Finedon Excelsiors were the best junior team of all time. We had many strenuous games, and some exciting times, even in those days; but the Temperance eventually ceased to exist, and it became the Burton Vics., who took its place, and who also did well, winning the North Section of the Kettering United in the final by 1-0; and incidentally that goal came off my legs.”

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