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Burton Latimer Ladies Choir - 1930s

A photograph of Burton Latimer Ladies Choir, taken sometime in the 1930s

This is another photo from the Society's archives where neither the date nor the details of the trophy which has been won have been recorded. The photo is believed to have been taken in the 1930s. However, the names of all the people in the photo are known:

Back row : Mrs Palmer, Mary Fourt, Eva Twelvetree, Lottie Downing, Elsie Mason, Evie Buckby, Kitty Martin.

2nd row: Ede Mason, Ada Wood, Elsie Shrive, May Jackson, Eva Stokes, Nell Bulley, Margaret Fox, Mrs Atkins, Hettie Downing, Eva Perry, Nora Compton, Olive Johnson.

3rd row: Mrs Gillard, Mrs Brace, Mrs Lucy Tailby, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Cook, Mr H Cook [choirmaster and conductor], Mrs Tom Fox, Mrs Flo Palmer, Auria Smith, Muriel Knight and Gwen Fox.

Sitting are: Gertie Winmill, Kathleen Bird, Olga Hodson, Maria Clapham.

If anyone can supply any more details, we would be grateful if they would contact us.

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