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Newspaper cutting donated by Vince Grove

A "Leg Show" at Burton Latimer

Co-operative Society Parade and Flower Show.

Some of the children who participated in the Co-operative Society parade c.1938.  This photo was taken at the junction of Victoria Street and Station Road
Some of the children in the Co-operative Society Parade,
seen here assembled at the entrance to Victoria Street

The following article is a transcription from an un-named local paper. Though it is undated, it is believed to be from about 1938. It is reproduced here for historic and genealogical interest, since it gives a clear picture of how Burton people amused themselves seventy years ago. The listings of prize winners may also be of interest to those researching family history.

Seven shapely pairs of legs, clad in immaculate hose, protruded from a veiled cart which toured Burton Latimer on Saturday afternoon. The legs belonged to local girls who were advertising stockings, and Burtonians amused themselves by running into the roadway and tickling the unshod feet of the living "advertisement."

The cart figured in the Co-operative parade which made a circuit of the town as a preliminary to the annual Co-operative tea, flower show and children's sports.

The parade was led by Kettering Fuller Mission Band, and in the procession were a number of Co-operative visitors from the neighbouring towns, fancy dress competitors, a number of ingenious trade displays mounted on carts, and the Queen of the event, Joan Bugby, aged 10, and her youthful retinue.

There were four classes for competitors, and almost all of them favoured costumes illustrating Co-operative products.

One little girl, who had browned herself all over, had an effective native costume with straw skirt and sandals.

Co-op Parade and Show c.1938.  The Parade entering Duke Street
The Parade entering Duke Street.

A bus loaded with children too young to walk in the procession brought up the rear.

After the parade the children were en­tertained to tea in the Preston Hall, and the Co-operative Hall, and the visitors from neighbouring societies were entertained to tea in the Co-operative Boardroom.

Councillor S. Mason (president of the Burton Latimer Co-operative Society) presided, supported by Mr. A. A. Grove (managing secretary). Mr. Mason welcomed the guests in a few well-chosen words, referring in the course of his speech to the progress made during the year by the various departments of the Society.

Mr. A. Cole, of the Kettering Society, replied with congratulations on behalf of the guests on the Burton Society's increase of business.

Councillor W. Batty also made a short speech. His grandfather was a former president of the Grantham Society, and in keeping in touch with the Burton Society the speaker was continuing the family asso­ciation with the movement.


After tea the flower show in the Scouts' hut was declared open by little Joan Bugby, aged ten, the Co-operators' Day Queen.

Earlier in the proceedings she was ceremonially crowned in South Avenue by Mrs. Batty, and proved herself equal to reading quite long speeches.

The ceremonial crowning of the Queen of the Co-operative Day Parade c.1938
The Crowning of the Co-operative Parade Queen

In opening the flower show she said: "Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, it is my royal pleasure and command that these doors be declared open to my loyal subjects; and I would express the wish that you will be as loyal to your Society as you are in your great efforts to reap the fruits of nature. I earnestly hope that you will all receive pleasure and profit from this fine display today."


The show was pronounced an excellent one, considering the dryness of the weather. The results were as follows:


Cut flowers 1 W Turner, 2 W. York (Finedon), 3 A. Munday; begonias: 1 C. Fenton, 2 W. Turner, 3 J. Payne; vegetables: 1 W. Turner (and special for best vegetable exhibit) 2 C. Mould; potatoes: 1 W. Turner. 2 W Mould, 3 F Webb; tomatoes: 1 H. Coles, 2 W Turner, 3 B Bennett; cucumbers: 1 A. Reynolds, 2. B. Bennett, 3 W. Turner.


Dahlias:  1 T Wilkinson, 2 J. Sharp, 3 A. Mundy; asters: 1 A. Eaves, 2 T. Dickens, 3 L. Shipley; sweet peas: 2 J. Sharp, 3 A. Eaves; stocks: 1 A. Reynolds, 2 D. Shipley;  roses: 1 W  Turner, 2 A. Eaves, 3 T. Mason;  gladioli: 1 W. Turner, (special for best flower  exhibit), 2 D. Shipley, 3 J. Sharp; rose bowl: 1. W. Turner, 2 A. Eaves, 3 H. Liggins;  carnations: 1. F  Webb, 2. D  Shipley; aspidistra: 1. C. Fenton; flowering plant: A. Morley; antlrrhinums: 1  T. Mason, 2. J. Sharp; cut flowers: 1 W. Turner, 2 W. York, 3 A. Mundy; cut flowers: 1. A.  Eaves,  2. W. Turner, 3  F. Evans; collection of vegetables: W. Turner, 2 C. Mould;  kidney beans: 1 J. Miller, 2 W Turner;  peas: 1. C. Neal, 2  H.  Craddock, 3. Mrs.  J.  Sharp;  shelled  peas:  1. C. Mould, 2. A. Reynolds, 3 A. Munday;  carrots, long: 1. H.  Desborough, 2. C. Mould,  3.  J  W.  Mould; carrots, short:  1 H. Desborough,  2. W. Mould;  eschalots: 1 H. Panter, 2 W. Turner, 3  Mrs. Key;  pickling  eschalots:  1  W. York,  2  L. Abbott,  3. J.  Sharp; cauliflowers: 2  C. Mould;  onions: 1 W. Mould, 2. W. Turner, 3. H. A.  Eaves;  cabbage, white:  1  A.  Reynolds,  2. J. Sharp, 3 W. Winmill; cabbage, red: 1 W. Turner. 2 . A. Munday. 3.  E.Turner; beet, long. 1 A. Munday, 2 W. Mould. 3 W. Turner: beet, globe,  1  C White, 2 J. Dicks, 3 C. Mould; white  turnips: 1. H. Desborough, 2 A.  Munday;  lettuce, cos: 2 E. Turner;  lettuce, cabbage: 1  A.  Munday, 2  C. Neal, 3 J. Dicks; potatoes, white  kidney: 1  W. Turner, 2 P. Webb, 3 T. Lansom; potatoes, white round: 1  W. Turner, 2 P. Webb, 3 W. Mould;  potatoes, coloured kidney: 1 H. Underwood, 2 W.Turner, 3. P. Webb; potatoes, coloured round: 1 W. Turner, 2 J. Dicks, 3 W. Mould: apples, dessert: 1. F. Cope, 2. C. Waters, 3 H. Winmill; apples, cooking: 1 W. Sturman, 2 Mrs. Harwood, 3 F. Cope; collection of fruit: 1 J. Payne. 2 H. Craddock; pair marrows: 1 J. Payne, 2 A. Munday, 3 A. Reynolds; heaviest marrow: 1 Mrs. H. York, 2 J Payne, 3 J. York; parsnips: 1 W. Turner, 2. A. Morley, 3. A. Munday; specimen bloom: 1 W. Turner; eggs (white): 1 J. Munday, 2 A. Reynolds, 3 J. Dicks; eggs (brown) 1 H. Craddock, 2 W. Sturman, 3. T. Lansom.


Vase of flowers: 1 Miss N. York, 2 Miss W Munday, 3 Mrs. J. Sharp; table decoration: 1 Mrs. F. Evans, 2 Miss N. York; fruit cake: 1 Mrs. Saddington, 2 Mrs. Norton; small pastries: 1 Mrs. H. Lane, 2 Mrs. Norton, 3 Mrs. Saddington; sponge sandwich: 1. Mrs. Saddington.


Wild flowers (boys): 1 C Catling, 2 J Arnold, 3. D. Underwood: girls: 1 I. Catling, 2. K. Sharp, 3. P. Sharp; grasses, 1. F. Lane 2. J. Arnold, 3. C. Catling. The judges were: Messrs. Mead (Irthlingborough), Chester (K I.C.S.) and L. Timson.

The procession fancy dress awards were: Boys under 9. 1 R. Saddington. 2 I. Whiteman, 3.  F. Lane; boys under 14, 1. F. Cox. 2. C. Ashby. 3 C. Catling, girls under 9. 1. B. Whlteman, 2. P. Craddock, 3. B Hewlett; girls, 9-14. 1. J. Whlteman, 2. B. Sayes 3. I Catling.


The children's sports results were as follows : Flat race, girls 4-8: 1. B. Whiteman, 2. E. Evans, 3. V. Murch; flat race, girls 8-10: 1. J. Whiteman, 2. M. Beeby, 3. J. Lowe; flat race, girls 10-12: 1. M. Jones, 2. E. Clipson, 3. I. Kingston; flat race, girls 12-14: 1. J. Newman, 2. E. Davy, 3. E. Dicks; skipping, girls 4-10: 1. D. Eady, 2. C. Homebrook, 3. D. Bailey: skipping, girls 10-14: 1. E. Lock, 2. M. Wright, 3. M. Jones; obstacle race: 1. S. Brown, 2. N. Miller, 3. R. Coles; sack race, boys: 1. D. Baish, 2. J. Skinner, 3. J. Arnold.

Spoon cleaning, girls: 1. C. Knowles, 2. J. Whiteman, 3. E. Dicks; boot cleaning, boys: 1. C. Ashby, 2. G. Neville, 3. W. Simmonds. flat race, boys 4-8: 1. A. Brown, 2. P. Jones. 3. W. Grimm; flat race, boys 8-10: 1. W. Simmonds, 2. J. Brown, 3. G. Whitney; flat race, boys 10-12: 1. R. Clipson, 2. B. Welsh, 3. W. Fowler; flat race, boys 12-14: 1. N. Miller, 2. E. Valentine. 3. G. Neville.

Entertainments were given during the afternoon by Mr. P. Essex (Leicester), ventriloquist, and with his marionettes. Stalls were held by the following: Mr. Reg Cooper, Mr. William Law (racing). P. Goodman (nail driving), F. Oisey and W. Jackson (bodyline bowling), P. Dunmore and A. Judd (sweets).

The officials for the sports were Messrs.W. Coles, W. Knight. T. Lawson. J. Munn, C. Hicks. A. Palmer, and W. Sturman: for the procession, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Braines, and Mrs. Crossley.    Catering was in the hands of the Burton Latimer branch of the Co-operative Women's Guild.

Various committees capably carried out the arrangements, and those who undertook secretarial duties were Messrs. W. I Knight. A. Jacobs. T. Crossley, H. B. Johnson, and L. Underwood

Bouquets for the queen and her attendants were given by Mr. Sydney Smith.

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