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Article by Phil Mason transcribed by Margaret Craddock

Burton Feast

My first recollection of Burton Feast was, as a small boy during the war years, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fair.  It was held in Denton’s field, which was situated between the recreation ground and the High Street, now built over as the bottom part of Churchill Way.  How we loved to watch and, at times, help the fair people erect the various stalls, rides and sideshows.  At that early age, the ‘Feast of Title’ or Patronal Festival at the Church, came second although, as a choir boy, I remember we used to have a large congregation at Evensong with a procession and visiting preacher.

My father used to recall Burton Feast Sundays of yesteryear - many people had visitors for tea, a band would play on the lawn at the Rectory and the centre of the village would be thronged with people.  The grandma of my wife, Mary, used to quote that in certain places “You could walk on people’s heads.”  Then, and until about thirty-five years ago, the Feast was celebrated on the last Sunday in August.  Another saying of the day was: “Burton Feast, close the door,” meaning that the days would now start to get cooler.

So much has changed over the years and yet, there are still several places where they have managed to celebrate their Feast with Flower Festivals and a variety of events.   Crowds of people will gather for this annual event.    It is an opportunity to meet friends and, once again, make the ancient Church the heart and centre of a growing community.

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