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Article taken from The Evening Telegraph dated August 1923

Burton Latimer's First Lady Guardian

Newspaper photograph of the late Elizabeth Phoebe Newman
The death, which took place on Sunday at Kettering, of Mrs Elizabeth Phoebe Newman, formerly of Burton. The deceased lady, who was the second daughter of the late Mr James Ball, builder, of Wellingborough, took over, with her husband, The Dukes Arms Inn in 1877, leaving in 1903 to reside in High Street. During this period at The Dukes Arms her husband passed away. Soon after her retirement from the business, Mrs Newman, who was a Liberal in politics, went to the poll for the Board of Guardians, and was successful, winning the second of the three seats won by the Liberals. On this occasion there were no less than seven candidates. By her success, Mrs Newman became the first lady Guardian for the Burton district, and as the position was also that of a Rural Councillor, Mrs Newman was the first lady in England to occupy the position of a Rural Councillor. The deceased lady had but three years in this office, and in 1918 removed to Kettering to reside in "Nome", St Peter's Avenue, where she has been practically confined to her bed for the last three years.
Mrs Newman leaves one son (Mr Alfred Newman, of Roundhill Road, Kettering), but has had residing with her for many years her daughter-in-law (Mrs Will Newman) and her family. Deceased was 76 years of age.

Editor's note:The picture below, together with the inset, did not appear in the newspaper itself but is held in the Society's archive.

Photograph taken outside The Dukes Arms during the coronation festivities of Eward VII in 1902. Enlarged part of the photograph on the left showing Elizabeth Newman in the middle of the crowd.
Elizabeth Newman is pictured in the middle of the crowd
standing outside The Dukes Arms during the coronation
festivities of Edward VII in 1902.
Part of the photograph in greater detail featuring
Elizabeth Newman.

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