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Article compiled from material currently held in the BLHS archives.

The Conservative Club

Modern photograph of the Conservative Club in Church Street complete with extension.
Modern photograph of the Conservative Club in Church Street
complete with extension on the right.

Photograph of Mr James Talbutt.
The Conservative Club was formed in 1912 and in its early days used to meet in the Old Constitutional Hall as did the Latimer Habitation of the Primrose League. When this building was demolished - it used to stand on the land opposite The Waggon and Horses currently occupied by the Prescott Motors building - the Club was homeless for a few years. We read in a local newspaper article from the time that a Mr James Talbutt then acquired for the Party for the sum of £400 a "very desirable property" in Church St, formerly occupied and owned by a Mr John Hawkes, one of the "keenest supporters of the cause." We have no date for the acquisition of this very desirable stone built property (known locally for some reason as the "Glue Pot"), but it has remained the home of The Conservative Club ever since, with a brick built extension being added at some point.
Mr James Talbutt

Golden Jubilee
Photograph of Burton Latimer Conservative & Unionist Club Committee- Golden Jubilee 1912-1962
Burton Latimer Conservative & Unionist Club Ltd - Golden Jubilee 1912-1962
Back Row: J Pickering, F Thurlow, A Thornton
Second Row: F Malin (Steward), F Gilbert, A Keach, C Moorhouse, A Griffin, A Breed,
Cnr A F Mutlow
Front Row: R A Hudson (Vice Chairman), Jas Capps (Vice President) Cnr R W Cooper (Secretary),
A E Hickman (President), J T C Chester (Chairman), Ald R J Mackintosh (Treasurer), C Johnson.

Photograph of The Conservative Club Snooker Team 1956.
Conservative Club Snooker Team.
Town Snooker League Winners 1924/5/6
Bobby Pownall, Walt Hull, Arthur Buckby,
AE Fox, Bernard Saddington, ? .
Seated: Billy Capps, Jack Bugby.
Photograph of The Conservative Club Dominoes Team 1951.
Conservative Club Dominoes Team 1951,
winners of Clubs League Championship 1949, 1950 and 1951.
Standing: F Payne, E Lardner, R W Cooper, L Miller, J Meadows.
Seated: A Green, H Tustian (capt),
H Saddington (vice-capt), R J Mackintosh.

Photograph of The Conservative Club Skittle Team taken in the mid 1950s.
Conservative Club Skittle Team - mid 1950s.
Winners of the Towns Clubs League Cup.
Standing: Alf Messenger, Bob Mackintosh, Len Miller, Jack Capps,
Bill Hickman. Seated: Freddie Mann, Dick Bailey,
George Fletcher, Herbert Capps.

Serving at the Club
Photograph of Conservative Club Steward Mr M J Cook, who served until 1923.
Stewards at the Conservative Club.

Left: Mr J Cook, who served until 1923 before moving to the Britannia Club.

His successor was Frederick Reynolds but there is no photo of him.

Right: Terry Pearson, pictured with his wife Alice. Terry obviously served considerably later, but we have no date.
Terry Pearson,Conservaive Club Steward,  pictured here with his wife Alice. We have no date for this photograph.

Can you help?

Photograph  of an award presentation at The Conservative Club, possibly taken 1951-2, event unknown.

An award presentation at the Conservative Club.

This photograph was probably taken in the early1950s.
The gentleman in the centre is Fred Pascoe of
British Timken. British Timken were a ball bearing
company who were sponsors of Kettering Town
Football Club at the time. This photograph is part of the
very small archive assembled from the club, and as yet the
event itself has still to be determined. Can anyone help?

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