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Article compiled from material currently at the Museum.

Off-licences in Burton Latimer

Premises at 16 Chuch Street formerly known as Garlick's Off-licence
The premises at 16 Church Street is now a private residence
but was known formerly as Garlick's Off-licence.

The off-licence (alternatively known as an "outdoor beerhouse" and also sometimes called a "beer-off" in other parts of the country) was a unique institution. Wines and spirits would always be on sale; beer could be bought in bottles, but could often also be dispensed from pumps on the counter. So you could make your way over there with a glass, jug or some other suitable container and then take it home for immediate consumption being careful of course not to spill a single drop on the way. Some of these off-licences would also sell other things - not only soft drinks, cigarettes, tobacco and matches, but also confectionery and grocery items. In the days before supermarkets when most street shops would be closed by 5.30pm and all day on Sundays, these places seemed to keep their own special hours and might even be open as late as 10 o'clock at night. This was naturally very handy when you'd run out of something essential - the off-licence was always worth a try.

There were three off-licences in Burton Latimer - Garlick's on Church Street, Gilby's on Kettering Road and The Grapevine on the corner of Finedon Road and Finedon Street. Click on the links below to read more about each one.

1963 photograph of Garlick's Off-licence 1938 photograph of Gilby's Off-licence. 1927 photograph of Walsh's Off-licence later known as "The Grapevine".

To read about each of these businesses in the context of the section on Shops in Burton Latimer, click on any of the following links:

Garlick's Gilby's The Grapevine

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