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Article taken from Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph dated March 18th 1976, transcribed by Raylee Burton.

This has Pints in its Favour

Photograph of the Waggon & Horses public house for sale, 1976.
The pub with no beer - at the moment. But it is being sold
complete with licence if the spirit moves you...

Many men dream of the day they can live in a pub, propping up the bar and being a landlord unto themselves. Now they have a chance to make that dream come true. The Waggon and Horses public house at 24 Kettering Road, Burton Latimer, will be auctioned at the George Hotel, Kettering on April 22.

The Waggon & Horses public house sign.
The pub sign which could
become an artistic piece of
nostalgia if the property is
converted into a house.
The 100 – year old stone built premises are being sold complete with the licence, but could also be converted into a private residence. There is already four bedroom accommodation in the imposing building with the public rooms being confined to the ground floor.

Mr. Hugh Smith, handling the sale for Wilson and Partners, said: “No reserve price will be set until just before the sale, but when you bear in mind that it will be sold without the goodwill you would expect to pay for with a going concern, there should be quite a saving on some pub prices. It is also worth mentioning that there are only a couple of other pubs in Burton Latimer; and this one will be sold with the licence but free from brewery ties.”

The central entrance leads straight off the A6 into a 25ft public bar and 16ft skittles room. Two other ground floor rooms have served as living room and kitchenette. As you would expect, there is a large semi-basement cellar and storage area. A passage leads to the rear yard where a stone built club room is situated. This measures 29ft x 11ft, with a lean-to fuel store adjoining.

The yard itself can be approached by double-gated vehicular access, and leads to a small garden. Ladies’ and gents’ toilets and other outbuildings are around the back, including a 36 foot long open fronted store.

The bedrooms are all roomy, as is the bathroom and separate WC. There are also two store rooms offering a lot of space under the eaves of the roof.

The property shows obvious signs of wear in the bar areas, but some new décor here would make a world of difference.

Photograph showing the counter of the public bar bereft of items.
Public bar or breakfast bar? The choice is yours
once you have bought the Waggon and Horses.
Editor's note: To read about the history of the inn, please click here. For information on its current demise in 2007, please click here.

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