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Report from the Kettering Evening Telegraph, March 3rd 1980

Caravan families have got to move

Caravan dwellers say a Government decision to close their site will bring hardship and cash loss.

Six families will have to move from the Meeting Lane site in Burton Latimer at the end of next year.

An appeal to the Department of the Environment to keep the site open after Kettering Council refused planning permission has failed.

Site owner Mrs Edith Peck of Orchard House, Regent Road, Burton Latimer, said at the public enquiry that the caravan homes met urgent housing needs in the town and had flourished happily for 22 years.

But enquiry inspector Captain P. J. Wyatt agreed with the council that there was no longer a pressing housing problem. He said that the site was overcrowded, spoiled the outlook for neighbouring properties, and was small and confined.

Residents have given up the battle to keep their mobile homes. The local authority has undertaken to rehouse all the families.

Mr Edward Bell of No.8 caravan said "We accept the outcome of the enquiry, but this will mean hardship to all the people here.

Mr Laurence Denton of No.5 said his family felt bitter about losing their home. "We would never have bought the van if we had known the site would be closed down within two years," he said.

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