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Article taken from letters column of local newspaper dated 25th April 1990.

Old Station was a Lifeline to Villagers

The picture of the old Burton Latimer railway station brought back memories of my boyhood and from my experiences this station was the lifeline for Burton Latimer and the outlying villages.

Remember at this time there was no road transport like today - only steam and horse drawn vehicles. I was about 11 years old and I started delivering newspapers for Mr Charles, who with his wife ran the Burton Latimer post office and newsagents, which was later taken over by Mr and Mrs Dacre.

The First World War was now on. I had to meet the 6pm train from Wellingborough which brought the Chronicle and Echo evening papers. This train did not stop at Burton so the guard used to throw the bundle of papers out on to the platform - and it missed me!

Sometimes it was a bit eerie walking the mile in the darkness with no lights showing and not a soul about.

After a while I had a larger round to do and had to meet the 7 o'clock morning train which brought all the morning papers from London. We called this the milk and newspapers train as it picked up churns of milk on the way.

I had a hand trolley to load the papers on and this uphill mile from the station via the Old Mill which is now the giant Weetabix was a drag.

Only a handful of men worked at the Old Mill which was driven by a waterwheel. In those days farmers used to bring their corn and have it ground into flour for the local bakers' use.

When holidays came round, the station platforms were crowded with people going away for their holidays.

Great Yarmouth was the attraction. People booked up with me weeks in advance to get their cases on my trolley to catch the train.

About this time I started delivering the Evening Telegraph. These were now coming by road which made it a lot easier all round.

We were all glad of this lifeline in the dark years.

Desborough Road


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