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Article partly resourced from local newspaper (1971)

2 Kettering Road

Photograph depicting location of 2 Kettering Road Photograph depicting location of 2 Kettering Road

This property was probably a shop for a considerable part of the 19th century. Harry and Mary Buckby, who lived in the cottage next door at number 4, sold sweets and confectionery there from the early 1890s.  They had retired by 1930.

Adele Reeves traded until 1939 followed by Kathleen and Florrie Blake - it had continued as a confectionery shop until then. The shop was purchased for use as a radio and television shop in October 1951 by George Reader and remained in this capacity until 1961.  At this time Reg Northern, ran a bookmaking business until 1971 when Barry Wilson extensively renovated the property and it became an antique shop (see the article below).  Two years later the shop was owned by Arthur and Lavina Tyrrell as a dress shop and finally sold in 1975 to Sarah Maziak who traded in ladies fashions and bridal wear until closing in 1992 to become a private residence.

Undated article in local newspaper (1971)

People walking past the corner of Bakehouse Lane and Kettering Road in Burton Latimer over the past two months have seen a remarkable change take place.

Men and women have actually stopped to say thank you for it.

Two men working solidly for two months have transformed a shabby looking corner into one of the most attractive places in the town.

Photograph showing the corner shop as it was before the "face lift" Photograph of shop followiing the update
The corner shop as it was before "operation face lift"
got under way.
The shop with the new look.

Originally, it was two cottages which can be traced back as far as 1700. Over the years they have been changed considerably and deteriorated a great deal.

The roof has been raised three times and the marks can be seen along an inside wall which was at one time an outside wall.

The beams in the walls are mainly oak. One of these beams took two hours to saw through and many of them are so old that it is nearly impossible to saw through them at all.

Barry Wilson, the owner of the cottage, is to open it as an antique shop in the next week or so.

He and his brother, Michael. have completely renovated the place. Their aim was to restore it to its original state, and in doing so use only old stone and wood, which was either there or came from old cottages in the area.

In only one place have they had to do a mock-up. Because the red tiles in the floor were so bad, they have been completely removed and the brothers have made a floor which, they hope, looks like old Yorkshire slabs.

For the fireplace they fetched local stone in a wheelbarrow. They also had to find an old piece of oak as the original beam had been burnt out at some time.

Barry kept an antique shop in Kettering for two years, but because it was off the main road it wasn't too successful. Now he hopes that as this shop is on the main road, he will get more custom.

Whatever happens, the people of Burton Latimer will be very grateful for the facelift he has done to the corner.

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