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Original article in The Evening Telegraph, Friday, January 29th, 1993. Transcription by Sarah Gilbert

From Hawaii to historic Harrowden Hall

HAWAIIAN actresses have been following in the footsteps of the island’s royal family with a visit to one of the county’s historic buildings.

Heather Marsh and Debbie Nakanelua have been spending time at Harrowden Hall, Great Harrowden to research their parts for a documentary film.

The hall, now Wellingborough Golf Club, was home to Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani when it was a girl’s boarding school at the turn of the century. She was sent to be groomed for the throne at the age of 12 and stayed until she was 17.

Former air stewardess Heather, 21, was picked to play the princess in a Cry of Peacocks because of her similar appearance.

She said: “I think it would have been scary to live her life. Even for me now in 1993 with television this country is very different."

The actresses were shown round the building and grounds this week. Club secretary Roy Tomlin said he had known about the princess’ stay at the hall but was surprised when the film company contacted him. He said: “I only heard from them the day before but I was very pleased to be of assistance.”

The BBC and Hawaiian-based Green Glass Productions start shooting the film in London on Monday but will not be filming at Harrowden Hall.

The hour long documentary about the princess’ life will be shown on Hawaiian television.

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