Citation from Weekley, Warkton, Kettering & District Association for the prosecution of felons


Pamela Mills receives her award from Detective Inspector Stewart Slinn
and (centre) president of the association, Brian Austin

In the Burton Latimer branch of Barclays Bank Pic at approximately 10.40 a.m. on Thursday, 8th June, 1995 Mrs. Pamela Mills was carrying out a transaction at the counter with one of the cashiers. At this time she noticed a man approach the counter pointing what appeared to be the barrel end of a gun at the cashier. The man then demanded money from the cashier. Mrs. Mills was of the opinion that the gun was not a real firearm and thereupon bravely stepped towards the man and pushed the object away from the direction of the cashier. The man then turned towards her and pointed the implement at her. Mrs. Mills then began to think that the man may be armed with a real gun. The offender repeated his demand for money and yet again Mrs. Mills pushed him away. He then left the Bank without having obtained any monies.

Subsequent police enquiries revealed that the man had escaped from Wellingborough Prison a few days earlier and had travelled from Northampton in a stolen motor vehicle to rob the Bank at Burton Latimer. He had prepared metal tubes to give the impression that the implement he was carrying was a firearm.

The man was subsequently arrested and on 22nd September 1995 he appeared before Northampton Crown Court and received a total of 7 years imprisonment for various offences.

The courage and bravery displayed by Mrs. Mills on that morning are of an exemplary nature and there is no doubt that her actions prevented a full offence of robbery from being effected

S. Austin (President)

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