Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph, Tuesday March 4th 1997

Brave Pam given the red carpet treatment

Photographs of Pam Mills plus show-biz stars Jeremy Beadle, Chris Tarrant, Barbara Windsor

The red carpet will be rolled out for a magistrate when she receives a bravery award this month.

Pam Mills is among 19 courageous men and women who will get an award from a national newspaper at The Savoy in London on Wednesday, March 19.

The local heroine, along with her husband, will rub shoulders with celebrities including show­biz personalities, sporting heroes and many other surprise guests at the awards evening.

Mrs Mills, 49, of Trent Crescent, Burton Latimer, has already received a Community Award from Northants Police for her bravery after confronting a bank robber at Barclays Bank in Burton Latimer.

Mrs Mills told the man, who was on the run from Wellingborough prison, not to be silly when he thrust what seemed to be a gun towards her stomach. She said: "I really did think it was a gun and wondered if my time had come.

"I pushed the gun upwards and he ran off. It was all over in a matter of seconds.

"Going to the Savoy will be a real treat. We never go to London.

"We are being collected the day before as they have arranged a surprise reception for us in the evening. We have no idea what it is."

The list of showbiz guests includes Jeremy Beadle, Chris Tarrant, Barbara Windsor, Faith Brown, Jon Snow and Geoff Capes.