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Transcription of the Letter from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1920, supplied by Christine Weiss

Dominion of New Zealand



24th May 1920
Dear Madam,

I have the honour to forward to you the enclosed copy of resolutions passed by the Parliament of New Zealand, and, in doing so – quite apart from the message which the resolutions convey – I would ask you to accept the grateful thanks of the people of this Dominion for your many acts of kindness to members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the war.

From my own personal knowledge I can say that the kindness and hospitality shown to our men while abroad was very warmly appreciated not only by the men themselves but by their relatives at home. The sacrifices made by the friends of New Zealand's soldiers, their many kindnesses, and wholesale generosity did much to comfort our men and alleviate the sufferings of those in hospitals or convalescent homes and help and cheer them on the road to recovery.

Many splendid organizations were founded in the interests of our soldiers for their entertainment and comfort. To these, as well as to the ladies and gentlemen who individually did so much in the same direction but who unfortunately it is impossible to separately mention, I desire to convey this message of appreciation and deep sense of gratitude for all they did on behalf of our men.

Yours faithfully


Prime Minister

Mrs Potter
Alexandra Street
Burton Latimer,


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