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Cutting from local newspaper transcribed by Sally Crane

Report of the funeral of Shoe Firm Director,
Mr Oliver Tailby, 4 May 1961

The funeral took place at Burton Latimer Parish Church today of Mr. Oliver Tailby, a member of the town’s first urban council and its chairman on two occasions.

Mr. Tailby, who liven in the Yews, Kettering Road, Burton Latimer, was a councillor for 26 years, retiring In 1949.

All his life he was connected with the Burton Latimer shoe firm of Whitney and Westley Ltd., the firm which he originally joined as an office boy and of which he became managing director.

He held his directorship until his death.  He was at one time also a director of Kettering Cartons Ltd.

He will always be remembered in the town for his social work.  As a member of the Gala Committee, the Coal Charities Board and Burton Latimer Blind Association committee he helped raise thousands of pounds.

It has been estimated that he, personally, was responsible for raising about £2000 for such causes.

Today’s service, which was followed by cremation at Kettering, was conducted by the rector, the Rev. R.W. Sharpley.

Family mourners included: Mrs. L H Tailby (widow), Mr. and Mrs. R. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Wilf Tailby (nephews and wives), Mr. A Palmer (brother-in-law), Mr. Walter Tailby (nephew), Mrs. Fred Tailby (sister-in-law), Mrs Peter Clark, Miss C Tailby, Mrs. A Keightley, and Mrs. Marjorie Cole (nieces), Mr and Mrs. Arthur Tailby, Mr Harry Tailby, Mrs. Mabel Bugby, Mrs. Violet Thomas (cousins); Mr. Angus Westley (director, Whitney and Westley Ltd.) and Mrs. Westley, MR. H L Dunmore (director, Whitney and Westley Ltd.) and Mrs. Dunmore, Mr. and Mrs. A  Phillips and Mr. Ray Birnie (friends).

Others present

The following were representatives of the Coles Group:
Mrs. E K Coles (representing Mr. E K Coles, managing director Coles Boot Company Ltd, Mr. J H Matthews (director of Whitney and Westley Ltd.)  Mr. N Coles (director, Coles Boot Company), Mr. G Langford (director E.K. Coles Ltd.), Mr. C A Spencer (director, Mediator Shoemakers Ltd.) and Mrs. Spencer, Mr. F.R.Westley (late of Whitney and Westley Ltd.), Mr.C.Clipston and Mr. J Hirons (representing staff, Whitney and Westley Ltd,). Mr. H Jarvis (also representing Burton Latimer Britannia Club) and Mr. W. Neville (representing Whitney and Westley Welfare Committee), Miss L Dunkley (Mediator Shoemakers Ltd.).

Shoe Manufacturers and business friends included: MR. C E L Pratt (F D Ward Ltd., Higham Ferrers), Mr.A R Lilleyman (Kettering Cartons Ltd), Mr. J B Hope (The Standard Engineering Co Ltd, Leicester.),  Mr.R.J Patterson (E J Brighting Ltd., Northampton), Mr. Stannley Date (Cannell and Date Ltd., Kettering) Mr. J F Chambers (Raunds Welts Ltd.)  Mr. H C Glover (Thos. A Whatmoor and Co. Ltd., Irthlingborough branch), Mr. H L Bellamy (Coker and Sons, Northampton), Mr. A E Hornbuckle (British United Shoe Machinery Co Ltd), Mr R G Whitton (R Whitton, Northampton), Mr H S Freeman (Carter Lindreas Leathers Ltd), Mr G Tipping (A Pemberton and Co , Leicester), Mr W R Armstrong (Barnett and Soans Ltd, Wellingbrough) , Mr T H Miles (Central Motors Ltd, Kettering).

Mr Tom Baxter (Bonns and Lewis Ltd, Kettering), Mr J F Partidge (F Partridge and Son, Rothwell), Mr P A Tysoe (Phipp and Son), Mr D A Kirk (Barclays Bank), Mr P N M Lowe (W W Chamberlain Associated Companies Ltd, Higham Ferrers),

Mr H A Buckby (Buckby Bros), Mr B A Evans (B A Evans, Builders, Burton Latimer)

Burton Latimer Urban Council were represented by Ald. R J Mackintosh (chairman) ad Mr D J Ashby.  Mr.F R Pentelow represented Burton Latimer County Junior School and Mr N J Addis represented Burton Latimer Boy Scouts.

Other friends present included: Mrs M Reynolds, Mrs E Saddington, Mr H Long, Miss J Harpur, Mrs Walter Muir,  Mrs E C Palmer, Mr and Mrs J E Clipstone, Mr F Blundell, Miss F Blake, Mr Sam Hulett, Mr H York, Mrs B West, Mrs T Buckby, Mr and Mrs P Kemp , Mr J Bennie, Mr F Nash, Mr and Mrs W J Downing, Mr and Mrs F G Downing , Ms E Barlow, Mr G Hickman, Mr J Thomson.

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