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Notice in Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette 8th March 1850

Burton-Mill Isham-Mill
Burton Mill
Isham Mill


TO BE LET, and may be entered upon immediately, Two MILLS, situate at Burton Latimer and Isham, in the County of Northampton.

They have been latterly used as Worsted or Woollen Mills, but formerly as Silk Mills. The Burton Mill is an extensive and handsome Erection, just rebuilt after an accident by fire, and is now being fitted with a Steam-Engine of 25-Horse Power, with new Boiler on the latest and best principle. There is also a Water-Wheel equal to the Horse Power.

The Isham Mill has also a large Water-Wheel, and Steam-Engine of 10-Horse Power. This Mill is full of Machinery, in good working order consisting chiefly of Carding-Engines, Scribblers, Spinning, Doubling, Drawing, and Roving-Frames, with every requisite for commencing at once the Business of a Worsted-Spinner.

At the Burton Mill are Brussels and Kidderminster Carpet Looms, on the Jacquard principle, which will be Sold with the Machinery.

There is also a Dwelling-House, Dye-Houses, Drying-Rooms, Smith’s Forge, Weaving Shops, and several Cottages; with Stables, Sheds etc, standing on about Seventeen Acres, principally Grass Land.

Labour is cheap, and very considerably less than in the large Manufacturing Towns.

The Mills are about Four Miles equi-distance from the Market Towns of Kettering, Wellingborough, and Higham Ferrers, through which two last Towns the Northampton and Peterborough Railway runs. The South Midland Railway, from Leicester to Hitchin, for which an Act of Parliament is obtained, and which will probably be proceeded with in a short time, will run through the Property close to the Mills. It is at present within Three Hours of London, and this Railway would bring it much nearer.

The Mills, with the Steam and Water Power, will be LET at ONE RENTAL, and the Machinery will be SOLD at a Valuation.

For Particulars apply to J. WINDRAM and Son, Leicester; Messrs. DESBOROUGH, YOUNG and DESBOROUGH, 6 Size-Lane, London; Mr. WESTALL, 69, Aldersgate-Street, London; or to WILLIAM HOWE, on the Premises, who will show the Mills and Machinery.

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