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Article transcribed from a local newspaper by Sally Crane

The Will of Joseph Westley

A bequest in recognition of a housekeeper’s kindness is made in the will published to-day of a retired shoe manufacturer Mr. Joseph Westley of White House, 18 Victoria Street, Burton Latimer.

Mr. Westley, who began in the shoe industry at the age of 10, and died on January 13 last, aged 91, left £41,883 gross, £41,674 net value (duty paid £11,324).  He left £3,000 “for her kindness to my late wife and, since her death, to me” to Agnes Hensman, if still housekeeper at his death;

£2,000 to each of his three daughters, £1,000 to his grand-daughter Janet Barlow, £1,000 to his grand-daughter Anna M. Marriott and to any other grand-child living at his death, being a child of any of his three children;

£1,000 to his daughter–in-law Maud Westley; £25 each to his executors;

The residue to be divided equally between his son Frank and grandson Angus D Westley.

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