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Article from the Mercury & Herald, 14 February 1958 transcribed by Margaret Craddock

Emphasis on Sound Training

The Coles Group place special emphasis on the training of young boys and girls entering the trade from school.

Each of the group’s factories has its executive who is responsible for training, and each one ensures that every youngster gets adequate training according to his – or her – age.

The girls attend a six-week operational training course – organised by the Boot and Shoe Manufacturers’ Association and supported by the Northamptonshire Education Committee – full-time at Kettering Technical School before they actually start work in the factory.

During that period they are paid full wages – and at the same time the group pays the school fees.

Following this period, the girls – and also the boys – are allowed a day off each week to attend further classes at the school.

One of the outstanding recruits in recent years has been 17-year-old Miss Margaret Johnson of Burton Latimer, who is employed by E K Coles (Burton Latimer) Ltd as a machinist.

She has won prizes every year since she started with the firm four years ago and at the recent dinner and dance, a special presentation was made to her.

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