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Article from Mercury & Herald, 14 February 1958 transcribed by Margaret Craddock


The Coles Group will soon be boosting the production of men’s shoes in Kingston, Jamaica.

As the result of a long association with a customer in Kingston, the Coles group are to absorb a company there into the group and thereby increase the potential of the Jamaican firm.

At the moment a modern factory employing some 300-400 men and women, produces women’s shoes.  On the other hand, the factory manufacturing mens shoes employs only some 100 people, and it is on this side that the Coles Group hopes to step up production.

“We are very keen on improving and bringing new industries and opportunities to the peoples of the British Empire,” said Mr E Keith Coles.

“We feel that there is great scope for us in Jamaica and our developments there should provide good and steady employment for many.”

The Coles Group’s general manager in Jamaica will be Mr Joseph Clarke.  During the last few months he has been undergoing special training at Burton Latimer before sailing for his new post on February 20.

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