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Article from Mercury & Herald , 14 February 1958 transcribed by Margaret Craddock

Party for over 900 guests

More than 900 employees and friends – an all-time record number – attended the recent Coles Group dinner and dance in the Pavilion, Wicksteed Park, Kettering.

“It was a great success” said Mr E Keith Coles.  “Functions like these give the staff and employees of all the factories a chance of getting together under one roof.”

The number of diners was the largest ever served at a one-sitting dinner or luncheon in Kettering.

Person responsible for the organising of the event was welfare officer, Mrs Geraldine Long.

In addition, Mrs Long organised the sick fund.  Although it is voluntary, the great majority of the staff and employees pay 3d a week which safeguards them in time of illness.  A certain amount is also given to charitable organisations.

Staff welfare is co-ordinated by monthly meetings held between representatives of staff, employees and management.  There, many problems are ironed out under the chairmanship of director Mr Lewis Langford, who has been chairman of the welfare committee for the last 25 years.

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