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Article from Mercury & Herald, 14 February 1958  transcribed by Margaret Craddock

Exercises to Music

A new interest has held the interest of a number of women, employed by the Coles Group over the last 16 months.

Aged between 15 and 50, they are probably among the fittest of all those working in the factories – for they are members of the Coles Group Keep-Fit Class.

Formed a year last September, the group soon recruited some 20 members.  Although some have left over the months, others have joined to keep the membership steady round the 20-mark.

Secretary of the group is Mrs Kathleen Basford, a machinist at the Coles Boot Co Ltd “Many of us felt we should like something more active to do in the evenings after spending all day sitting at our machines,” she said.

“I must say we all feel a lot fitter for doing these exercises.”

All the exercises are carried out to music.  Meetings are held weekly in the St John Ambulance Brigade Hall, Burton Latimer.

And one member, Miss Jeanne Drage who works in the closing room at E K Coles (Burton Latimer) Ltd, became so keen on the project that she attended special courses and is now the group’s instructor.

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