Woodbine Cigarettes
Photograph showing the front of a packet of Woodbine cigarettes.
This empty packet of Woodbine cigarettes was found near the floorboards in the factory of Langham Industrial Controls in 2006. The premises has changed hands several times since it was built in c1892 by Frederick Wallis as a clothing factory and has also housed Thorneloe & Clarkson (also clothing), Individual Shoes, and Frank Wright Shoes before being taken over by its current owners. This packet has been kindly donated to the Society by Carol Langham.

Woodbine was a popular, three-quarter size untipped cigarette. It was cheaper than most other brands but claimed to have the same quality tobacco as the more expensive cigarettes, citing the Grand Diploma of Honour from Antwerp on the back of its packets. However the offer of one of these was often accompanied by the words: "I'm sorry it's only a Woodbine."

The rear of a packet of Woodbine cigarettes displayed the Grand Diploma of Honour.