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Fern Bank

Fern Bank as it was in 1888 with housekeeper Hannah Williamson standing at the gate.
Fern Bank, Church Lane, c.1888.

At the gate stands the housekeeper, Hannah Williamson. This property with its long garden was for many years the home of several unmarried Harpur ladies. Miss Ellen Harpur who died in 1896 was followed by her niece Augusta who, dying in 1900, left it to her niece Miss Marion. In the 1920's Marion sold the house and went to live in Bournemouth. Dating from about 1700, the house was restored and enlarged in the 1890's with the asddition of a wing facing the garden. In the late 1930's it became the property of Mr and Mrs Richard Loake. Mr Loake was a shoe manufacturer and also a churchwarden for 38 years.

Article by Douglas Ashby