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High Street Reconstruction

Ashwell House, High Street Burton Latimer c1910
Ashwell House, High Street Burton Latimer 2005
Ashwell House rough render
192 High Street - Ashwell House
left - a view from c.1910, centre - the house in 2005, right - the same view in rough render

For the recreation of the High Street as it once was, every building which stood in 1918 must be reconstructed. Archive photos are being used to show earlier forms of buildings which still stand, or to show those which have long since disappeared.

Ashwell House was chosen as a trial example because it has survived largely intact, with only the replacement windows being the main difference from c.1910. Specific details such as the windows, brickwork, ridge tiles, external wall, gate and railings will be added at a final stage.

Though the whole process is at a very early stage, even the rough render view gives some indication of the attention to detail being devoted to what will be the centrepice of the DVD - a reconstruction of the complete length of the High Street and Kettering Road: some three quarters of a mile in all.

Update: 28.1.2006

Redhead Designs have supplied further examples as below:

Ashwell House rough render with side details

Left - Ashwell House, 192 High Street, shown with side details

Below Left - The former Mission Room

Below Right - The shop on the corner of Newman Street

St Mary's Mission Room, Burton Latimer - rough render Corner shop - Newman Street and High Street - rough render

Again, these are only rough renders. Further fine details will be added.

Update: 6.5.2006

Redhead Designs have supplied examples of the buildings featured above, but with finer details added:

Ashwell House detailed render
St Mary's Mission Room, Burton Latimer - detailed render
left - Ashwell House; right - the Mission Room;

below: a street-level view of the south end of the High Street, seen from Finedon Road.
The buildings are in rough-render, but laid out accurately on the 1918 map. Walls, paths, etc, to be added.
Finedon Road/High Street junction, in rough render

Update: 22.6.2006

Redhead Designs have supplied further and more detailed examples of buildings which were seen along the High Street in 1918. Brick and stone colours have now been adjusted for greater accuracy. Door details remain to be done - the Society has conducted extensive analysis of period photos to try and identify what sort of doors all the properties would have had c.1918

The Britannia Club - detailed render
St Mary's Mission Room, Burton Latimer - detailed render with texturing
above left - The Britannia Club, in its original form, before the additions and extensions to the front and side.

above right - the Mission Room, with cill and lintel details added

below left: Cave's sweet shop at the corner of Newman Street. Most older inhabitants of Burton will know it better as Florrie Blake's sweet shop. It is now the Golden Gate Chinese take-away. For much of the last century it had a front bay window feature matching that of the adjacent property.

below right: a barn belonging to Washpit Farm. Budgen's store now stands on the site, which for the the major part of the last century was first a garage and then a filling station.
Corner shop - Newman Street and High Street - detailed render
Washpit Farm - barn

Update: 08.08.2006

Redhead Designs have supplied a rendered scene from the south end of the town. Final alignment of the houses has still to take place, along with the addition of external details such as walls, railings, fences, trees, pavements, street lamps and telegraph poles.

The south end of the High Street c.1910 The rendering of the south end with a notional date of 1918
Left - a view of the south end of the High Street in about 1910. Right - a similar angle rendered in detail