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Transcribed by Eve Bunce, 2006

Will of Joseph Henman
of Burton Latimer, Schoolmaster
The grave of Joseph Henman in Burton Latimer Churchyard
The inscription reads:
Sacred/to the Memory of /JOSEPH HENMAN/Who discharged the office of/
Clerk and Schoolmaster in this/Parish during the space of/Twenty nine years/
With fidelity and zeal/He died November 25th 1829/Aged LXXII Years

Dated January 4 1828 .    Proved March 5 1830

Page 1. This is the last Will and Testament of me Joseph Henman of Burton Lattimer in the County of Northampton . Teacher of youths, being of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding, as follows: as to all those my freehold several messuages or tenements with all out houses, yards, gardens and appurtenances situated in Burton Lattimer aforesaid in the several occupations of James White, John Humphrey, William Rymole and William Wilkin which I purchased of Thomas Bryan and the said William Rymole, I give and devise the same unto my two friends Mr Thomas  Burnaby and Joseph Payne both of Burton Lattimer aforesaid and their heirs and assigns Upon Trust to pay to or in otherwise permit my wife Sophia to have, receive and take the yearly and other rents, issues and profits thereof for and during the term of her natural life, subject nevertheless to the same premises being kept in good repair from time to time out of such rents and profits of the said premises. And from and immediately after her decease I give and devise the said two messuages or tenements now in the tenure of the said James White and John Humphrey with the appurtenances unto my son John Henman to hold this same for and during his natural life, and from and after his decease I give and devise the said two last mentioned messuages or tenements with the appurtenances unto his son Joseph Henman his Heirs and Assigns for ever, subject nonetheless to and with the payment of the following legacies to be raised and paid for by my aforesaid Trustees or the Survivors of them and their Heirs by way of mortgage of the said premises. The interest of which shall be paid by my said son John during his life and the interest after his decease and also the principal by his son Joseph and in the case of non-payment the said premises to remain liable to such Mortgages and Interest or otherwise liable as the case may happen to be.                Joseph Henman.

Page 2.   Which said Legacies are Ten pounds to my Daughters Mary Bird and Jane Smalley and Ten pounds to my said Son John payable at the expiration of Twelve Months next after my decease and of the several sums of Five pounds apiece to my three grandchildren namely John, Joseph and Jesse Dix payable at their respective ages of Twenty one years. I also give and devise unto the aforesaid Thomas Burnaby and Joseph Payne and their heirs and assigns all those my other several Freehold Estates messuages or tenements with the Outhouses, Yards and appurtenances also situate in the said Parish of Burton Lattimer in the several occupations of John Mason, John Smith, George Munn, John Ball, Ann Wells, and Joseph Neal (one of which I lately now Built) which I bought and purchased of Mr Thomas Eady, to hold to them the said Thomas Burnaby and Joseph Paine as aforesaid Upon Trust as soon as convenient after my decease to sell the same by Auction and after payment thereout of all incidental expenses and also all my just debts, funeral and Testamentary expenses. Upon Trust to place out the remaining trust monies at Interest upon good real security and pay the Interest therefrom arising unto my said wife Sophia during her natural life and after her decease Upon Trust to call in the same and divide the same equally between and amongst my aforesaid Children and Grandchildren and in case of any of their deceases leaving Issue, such to take a part or share their deceased parent would have taken. I give and devise unto my said son John Henman for and during the time of his natural life, all that piece or parcel of Ground containing about twenty six perches more or less situate also in Burton Lattimer aforesaid which I purchased of Thomas Bryan and from and immediately after his decease I give and devise this same to his son Joseph, his Heirs and Assigns for ever.

Joseph Henman

Page 3.   I give all my Personal Estate of every name or description unto my aforesaid wife Sophia for her own use and benefit and disposal. And as to those my two Messuages or Tenements aforesaid occupied by William Rymole and William Wilkins with the appurtenances, I give and devise the same in trust that my said Trustees or the survivors of them and their heirs do and shall sell the same after the decease of my said wife and after payment of Incidental expenses to divide the residue of such purchase money equally between and amongst my aforesaid children, and in case of any of their decease **** issue such to take their deceased parents share. I nominate Constitute and appoint my said wife Sophia executrix and the said Thomas Burnaby and Joseph Paine executors and trustees of this my said last Will and Testament who shall be at liberty to reimburse themselves all expenses necessary in executing the trusts hereof, each to be accountable for their own acts, deeds, receipts and payments, nor shall they be answerable or accountable for any involuntary loss which may any wise happen to the said trust monies or any part thereof. In witness I the said Testator Joseph Henman have to this my said last Will and Testament contained in three sheets of paper, to the two first set my hand and to this third and last my hand and seal this fourth day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight.

Joseph Henman

At the bottom of the will.

Signed, Sealed and Published and declared by the said Joseph Henman the Testator. Has and for this last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses:

George Bates      Sophia Bates       Edward Bates.          

On the back of the will.

On the fifth day of March 1830 Sophia Henman widow and Joseph Paine Tailor and Draper, both of Burton Latimer, Executors named in the within written will, were then sworn well and faithfully to fulfill the same according to Law, and that the Goods, Chattels and credits of the within named deceased who died on the twenty fifth day of November 1829 do not amount in value to the sum of one hundred pounds. Before me

James Hogg           Surrogate

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