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Researched and Compiled by Maureen Moore

Hair Powder Certificates

The Hair Powder Certificate was closely associated with the right to wear a wig.
Wigs, and the right to wear them, were visible signs of status in earlier centuries, and wigs had their own styles and fashions.

To the Constable of The Parish Of Burton Latimer in the county of Northampton.

By the act of the 35th George 111c 49, passed on the 30th April 1795, imposing a Duty on Certificates issued for using Hair Powder, s16.You are required within 3 days after the receipt of the Annexed List to cause a true and exact copy thereof to be affixed on the Church Door of your Parish, and from time to time, when neccessary, to replace the same, for the space of Four Weeks then next.

Every Person willfully tearing, defacing or removing the list to be fixed up, within the said space of Four Weeks, forfeits for every offence, or Conviction before a Justice of the Peace, forty shillings, half of which goes to you and the other half to the informer.

Chris Smith, Clerk to the Peace at the county of Northampton.

Status Forename Surname Year Place of Issue
Rev M  H Bartholomew 1796  H H Burton

Frances Baker 1797 d Burton Latimer

Key: Ap - apprentice, B - butler, C- cook, Cf - confectioner, Ch - chairman, Ck- clerk to the kitchen, Cm- coachman, Cr-carpenter, D - daughter, F - footman, G - governess, Gr - groom, H - housekeeper, Hr - house steward, I - inmate, L - lodger, Li - librarian, N - neice, Nu - nurse, P - porter, S - son, Si - sister, Sp - spinster, St - steward, Sv - servant, T - tutor, Ub - under butler, Uf - under footman, Un - unmarried, V - valet. w-wife. wt-waiter.

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