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Register of Electors 1957

Index of Street listings

Click on a street name below for the listings of electors registered there in 1957.

Gaps in the numbered sequence may indicate that the land was undeveloped, or that the property was vacant at the time the Register was drawn up, or that the occupants did not qualify for inclusion on the Register.

Alexandra Street
Hawthorn Road
Regent Close
Bakehouse Lane High Street Regent Road
Bird Street Higham Road (inc. Lodges) Rosebery Street
Bridle Road Hillcrest Avenue South Avenue
Church Street (inc. St Crispin's Cottages & Church Lane) Kettering Road Spencer Street
Cranford Road (inc. Windmill Cottages) Meeting Lane Spinney Road
Croxen's Yard Miller Road Station Road
Duke Street Newman Street The Crescent
Eady Road North Avenue Victoria Street
East Avenue Park Road West Avenue
Elm Road Pigott's Lane Whitney Road
Ensleigh Close Pioneer Avenue William Street
Finedon Road (inc. Farms and other properties near the Ise Bridge) Polwell Lane Wold Road
Finedon Street Poplar Road Woodcock Street
George Street Queensway Woodland Drive
Glebe Road      

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