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Listing by Pauline Swailes, Autumn 2005, transcribed by Sarah Gilbert

Monument Inscriptions - Cremations

Centre - the garrya tree with the collective dedication (wording reproduced at the head of the table below)
Left - the site of the collection of inscriptions; Right - some of the stones

Note: The data presented here is deemed to be in the public domain and is intended as an aid to genealogical research by a worldwide audience. It was collected with due reverence to the sanctity of the site. No disrespect is intended to the privacy of the bereaved families.

Most of the cremation memorials in Burton Latimer churchyard are dedicated to loved ones cremated at Kettering Crematorium, although some have been brought here from further afield. The stones date from the mid-late 1980s and are not a comprehensive record: all cremations are recorded in a book kept in the church.  Cremated remains have also been interred in graves containing other family members; they will not be on this list.

The crematorium in Kettering opened on the 24th of April 1940 with the first cremation taking place on the 7th May 1940.

The crematorium itself houses two chapels, the Albert Munn that can seat about 88 and the Edgar Newman that will seat about 52.

As a further aid to finding details of those Burton Latimer residents who have been cremated at Kettering since 1940 or buried at Burton Latimer Cemetery since 1923 it is possible to research using the Deceased Online website, which for the Borough of Kettering is at

Click here for a brief account of the history of cremation in Great Britain

Around this stone are buried the ashes of parishioners of
St. Mary The Virgin, Burton Latimer
Abbott Mavis 1994 Mavis Pauline Abbott died 25th April 1994 aged 69yrs
Ambler Mildred 1996 Mildred Ambler died 30-7-96 aged 86yrs. Eric Ambler died 27-8-01 aged 91yrs. Re-united
Andrews Edith 1993 Edith Ellen Andrews died 22-12-1993 aged 89
Ashberry Blodwin 1993 Blodwin May Ashberry died 17th Sept 1993 aged 76yrs
Ashby William 1990 William George Ashby died 27th Jan. 1990 aged 73yrs
Ball Cyril 1989 Cyril Lloyd Ball died 18th August 1989 aged 72yrs
Berridge Hilda 1991 Hilda May Berridge died 11th June 1991 aged 84yrs.
Blott John 1988 John Henry Blott died 28th Nov. 1988 aged 80yrs. Violet Helena Blott died 2nd May 1990 aged 77yrs
Blowfield Leslie 1993 Leslie Joseph Blowfield died Oct 1st 1993 aged 77yrs
Brown Gordon 1995 Gordon Arthur Brown aged 37. died 12-10-95
Buckwell Alice 1993 Alice Maud Buckwell died 15th feb. 1993 aged 71yrs
Cartwright Alan 1991 Alan Eric Cartwright died 22nd November 1991 aged 73yrs
Cheney George 1992 George Edward Cheney died 7th March 1992 aged 70yrs
Cleaver Thomas 1994 Thomas Charles Cleaver died 19th Oct.1994 aged 85yrs
Clifton Gwendoline 1992 Gwendoline Ivy Clifton died 27th Nov. 1992 aged 78yrs. Leonard Clifton died 3rd May 1999 aged 84yrs
Cook Herbert 1987 Herbert Edward Cook died 31st Oct. 1987 aged 78yrs. Doris Carla Cook died 24th oct. 2004 aged 92yrs
Cox Peter 1994 Peter John Cox died 14th May 1994 aged 65yrs
Cox Walter 1988 Walter John Cox
Desborough Kenneth 1986 Kenneth Ivor Desborough. 3.6.27 - 29.10.1986 59yrs. Rose Caroline 15-10-26 - 8-4-1996 aged 69yrs
Dohnalek Jan 1994 Jan Joseph Dohnalek died 23rd March 1994 aged 73yrs
Drage Constance 1982 Constance Winifred Drage died 28th oct 1982. Bernard Drage died 6th April 1993
Dunkley Beatrice 1995 Beatrice Maria Dunkley 4.9.1909 - 8.1.1995
Earl Valerie 1994 Valerie Dawn Earl 1956 - 1994 Dearest Valerie, loved and remembered Len Earl 1924 - 1998. Beloved husband and father
Evans Florence 1995 Florence Evans aged 59 died 5-10-95
Fetch John 1989 John Herbert Fetch died 8th October 1989 aged 46yrs.
Foster Jocelyn 1989 Jocelyn Mary Foster 1913-1989
Foster Nicholas 1994 Nicholas John Foster 11-2-41 - 13-10-94
Gater Heather 1994 Heather Vanessa Gater died 16th March 1992 aged 41yrs. Victor Clem Gater died 15th Sept. 1994 aged 53yrs
Gibson Aubrey 1996 Aubrey John Gibson died 31-8-96 aged 80yrs
Giles Cyril 1995 Cyril Edwin Giles 3.1.1910 - 23.2.95. Also his wife Betty 23.4.15 - 18.11.2000 aged 85yrs
Giles Jack 1989 Jack Giles died 8th Jan 1989 aged 71yrs. Josephine Giles died 2nd February 1998 aged 79yrs
Granger Robert 1993 Robert Charles Granger died 3rd of Feb 1993 aged 74yrs
Green Arthur 1996 Arthur Henry Irving Green died 29th June 1996 aged 75yrs
Hansom Ivy 1995 Ivy Dorothy Hansom died 23-6-95 aged 88yrs
Harris Janet 1994 Janet Wright Harris died 28th Aug.1994 aged 73yrs
Hingle Elizabeth 1996 Elizabeth Ellen Hingle died 10-8-96 aged 50yrs
Hoddle Jack 1996 Jack Hoddle died 6-6-96 aged 79yrs Mary Jane Hoddle died 25-8-01 aged 84yrs
Hodson Phyllis 1992 Phyllis Emma Hodson. Died 25th Dec. 1992 aged 79yrs
Hornsby Denis 1993 Denis John Hornsby died 3rd Jan 1993 aged 67yrs
Judkins Stephen 1992 Stephen Martin Judkins died 6th Dec 1992 aged 37yrs
King John 1996 John William King died 12-9-96 aged 52. Marlene King died 24-12-1998 aged 53
Lewis Valerie 1993 Valerie Joan Lewis died 21st Dec.1993 aged 51
Linnell Evelyn 1992 Evelyn Mary Linnell died 23rd April 1992 aged 71yrs
Loake John 1990 John Richard Loake 1910 - 1990
Mawby Aubrey 1992 Aubrey G. Mawby 5.2.24 - 17.2.92
Middleton Jim 1988 Jim and Mary Middleton 1914-1988. 1915-1992
Miller Arthur 1994 Arthur Thomas Miller died 10th June 1994 aged 85yrs. Mary Ellen Miller died 23rd Aug.1997 aged 86yrs
Moisey Margaret 1991 Margaret Lilian Moisey died 16th March 1991 aged 78yrs
Mott James 1994 James Thomas Mott died 5th feb. 1994 aged 88yrs. Henrietta Beatrice Mott died 25th April 1999 aged 91yrs.
Mudge John 1995 John Mudge aged 62yrs died 23-6-95
Nesbitt Bob 1995 Bob Nesbitt aged 74yrs died 5-12-95. Marion (May) Nesbitt aged 78yrs died 17-9-99
Oram Ronald 1983 Ronald F. Oram died 12th Sept 1983 aged 65yrs. Shirley D.Oram died 7th Dec.1987 aged 64yrs
Perkins Herbert 1985 Herbert Oliver Perkins died 16th Aug.1985 aged 71
Petty Helen 1995 Helen Elizabeth Petty died 25th June 1995 aged 83yrs
Randall Peggy 1995 Peggy Randall died 21-6-95 aged 64yrs
Sawbridge John 1995 John Rayson Sawbridge aged 36 died 30-9-95
Scott John 1994 John Allen Scott died 6th Feb. 1994 aged 48
Sheen Ada 1993 Ada Sheen died 23-5-1993 aged 80yrs
Simpkins Bradley 1994 Bradley William Ames Simpkins died 28th Feb 1994 aged 81
Smith George 1994 George Frederick Smith died 18th Aug 1994 aged 60yrs
Smith William 1994 William Edward John Smith died 17th July 1994 aged 83yrs
Tajzler Jan 1996 Jan Tajzler born 20th Oct 1922 died 23rd April 1996
Toseland Vincent 1990 Vincent George Toseland
Tyrrell Stella 1992 Stella Joyce Tyrrell died 8th April 1992 aged 65yrs.
Underwood James 1989 James Henry Underwood died 2nd Sept. 1989 aged 65yrs
Varnfield Susan 1992 Susan Varnfield died 19th June 1992 aged 45yrs
Wagstaff Janet 1992 Janet Steele Wagstaff died 27th March 1992 aged 71yrs
Waller Harold 1990 Harold Waller died 3rd June 1990 aged 63
Watson Geoffrey 1986 Geoffrey Edgar Watson died 29th March 1986 aged 63yrs. Enid Watson died 19th Aug. 1991 aged 63yrs
Watson Lilian 1988 Lilian Hilda Watson died 12th Sept.1988 aged 89yrs. Edgar T. Watson died 12th Jan 1991 aged 92yrs
Wright Vera 1998 Vera Grace Wright died 16th Nov 1998 aged 82yrs
York Anthony 1995 Anthony James York died 20th March 1995 aged 22yrs

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