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John Meads - 2009

County of Northamptonshire
Directory - 1966-67
Burton Latimer

The County of Northamptonshire Directory was published in 1967 and names the head of
household but in a few cases, for no obvious reason, it names some of the other adult
household members. Shops, pubs etc. have been added to the list where known.
Linda E CAMPEN 2 Alexandra Street
Percy LOAK 4 Alexandra Street
Patricia LEE 5 Alexandra Street
Katie L JACKSON 6 Alexandra Street
Harry BLUNDELL 7 Alexandra Street
Ronald S ELLSON 8 Alexandra Street
James C DEVINE 9 Alexandra Street
Thomas K JACKSON 11 Alexandra Street
Herbert E MASON 12 Alexandra Street
Horace STAPLETON 13 Alexandra Street
Arthur W HEELS 15 Alexandra Street
Walter E COLES 17 Alexandra Street
George SPENCE 18 Alexandra Street
Alan A MOLCHER  19 Alexandra Street
Adrian J SHARMAN 20 Alexandra Street
Frances L HUMPHREY 21 Alexandra Street
Delia M ELMORE 22 Alexandra Street
Barry ELMORE 22 Alexandra Street
Florence BODDINGTON 23 Alexandra Street
Frank S WHITNEY 24 Alexandra Street
Edith R YORK 25 Alexandra Street
John A COSBY 26 Alexandra Street
Derek E LOVELL 27 Alexandra Street
Maurice  WILES 29 Alexandra Street
Alan G SMITH 30 Alexandra Street
John E MOORE 31 Alexandra Street
Leofric CORSTIN 32 Alexandra Street
Charles L TAYLOR 33 Alexandra Street
Margaret A FONVILLE 34 Alexandra Street
Frederick C ROBINSON 35 Alexandra Street
Arthur F CLARKE 36 Alexandra Street
Frederick W HULL 37 Alexandra Street
Mary HULL 38 Alexandra Street
Constance WADE 39 Alexandra Street
Victoria M JACKSON 40 Alexandra Street
Arthur S HAYNES 41 Alexandra Street
Ronald G PAYNE 42 Alexandra Street
Albert A TOOP 43 Alexandra Street
Percy COBLEY 45 Alexandra Street
Dorothy I JOHNSON 47 Alexandra Street
Samuel MILLER 48 Alexandra Street
Bernard G AMOS 49 Alexandra Street
Harry HODSON 50 Alexandra Street
Eric K HYDE 51 Alexandra Street
John E CLIPSTONE 52 Alexandra Street
William MOSS 53 Alexandra Street
Terence F MUSGRAVE 54 Alexandra Street
Alec DIAMOND 55 Alexandra Street
Emily GREEN 57 Alexandra Street
John T BREWER 58 Alexandra Street
Patrick STOKES 59 Alexandra Street
Reginald D BUCKBY 60 Alexandra Street
Kay BROWN 61 Alexandra Street
Robin BUCKBY 62 Alexandra Street
Frank  KNIBBS 63 Alexandra Street
Christopher G HENDRY 64 Alexandra Street
Harold BURTON 65 Alexandra Street
Malcolm A BELLAMY 66 Alexandra Street
Walter G NEVILLE 67 Alexandra Street
Cyril WRIGHT 68 Alexandra Street
Frederick C AGUTTER 69 Alexandra Street
Joseph NEVILLE 70 Alexandra Street
Derek A HAWKES 72 Alexandra Street
Keith ORAM 74 Alexandra Street
Peter G VILLETTE 75 Alexandra Street
Norman R ELLSON 76 Alexandra Street
Mary E JARVIS 77 Alexandra Street
Bradley W SIMPKINS 79 Alexandra Street
Joseph T WORLEY 82 Alexandra Street
Florence SEAR 84 Alexandra Street
Edward S SEAR 84 Alexandra Street
George T ELMORE  86 Alexandra Street
Adrian D DUKES 88 Alexandra Street
Frank G BAISH 90 Alexandra Street
George JOHNSON 92 Alexandra Street
Horace S BROWN 94 Alexandra Street [Shop]
Thomas ATKINS 1 Bakehouse Lane
Cyril BLOWFIELD 13 Bakehouse Lane
William ACKERLEY 17 Bakehouse Lane
Winifred L LANE 24 Bakehouse Lane
Alfred R GODFREY 26 Bakehouse Lane
John HALLAM 28 Bakehouse Lane
Harry BARROWCLOUGH 29 Bakehouse Lane
Neville R BIRD Bakehouse Lane [Horse & Groom]
Alfred J YORK 13 Bird Street
James V FLACK 15 Bird Street
William PAGE 17 Bird Street
Derek G KING 19 Bird Street
Constance TMBLIN 21 Bird Street
Alice G COLEMAN 23 Bird Street
William E SEARLE Sunstrand, Bridle Road
Eric   ROBERTS Solrays, Bridle Road
James A FRANCIS 1 Bridle Road
Emily M FELCE 2 Bridle Road
Anthony F WALLINGTON 3 Bridle Road
Hedley G COTTINGHAM 4 Bridle Road
Robert J CHAMBERS 5 Bridle Road
Frank W CLIPSON 6 Bridle Road
Gerald A HOPKINS 7 Bridle Road
Walter W LINE 8 Bridle Road
Kate E BERRY 9 Bridle Road
Ian D OWEN 11 Bridle Road
Leslie E JULYAN 12 Bridle Road
Roy W MELLORS 13 Bridle Road
Walter L KETCHER 14 Bridle Road
Robert O BEARD 15 Bridle Road
Edward   WRIGHT 16 Bridle Road
Frederick J FAULKNER 17 Bridle Road
Leonard PATRICK 18 Bridle Road
Melvyn TAILBY 19 Bridle Road
Frederick G W COOPER 20 Bridle Road
Eric W McANN 21 Bridle Road
Edith PAYNE 22 Bridle Road
Arthur SEALE 23 Bridle Road
Violet BROWN 24 Bridle Road
Ernest ROUGHTON 25 Bridle Road
Rose EVANS 26 Bridle Road
Claude H BIRD 27 Bridle Road
Wilfred WATSON 28 Bridle Road
Gladys M APPLEBY 29 Bridle Road
Grace E COX 30 Bridle Road
Geoffrey W PATRICK 31 Bridle Road
Joan HOWE 32 Bridle Road
Kathleen C BASFORD 33 Bridle Road
William T BRACE 34 Bridle Road
William E HUGHES 35 Bridle Road
Kathleen  COUSINS 36 Bridle Road
Keith H FLUDE 37 Bridle Road
William A RICHARDSON 38 Bridle Road
Leonard HALL  39 Bridle Road
Desmond C WARD 40 Bridle Road
Maurice PATRICK 42 Bridle Road
Caroline E NEWMAN 44 Bridle Road
John MEADS 46 Bridle Road
Janet MEADS 46 Bridle Road
Reginald A GOODMAN 1 Churchill Way
John H HINTON 3 Churchill Way
Barry g KIRTON 7 Churchill Way
Michael J FOWELL 9 Churchill Way
William c SUTTON 11 Churchill Way
Simon P PANTER 13 Churchill Way
Raymond G BRYCE 15 Churchill Way
Mary E HOLMES 16 Churchill Way
John W BLOWER 16A Churchill Way
Rodney K BRANSTON 17 Churchill Way
Irving HOLMES 18 Churchill Way
William C HALLAM 18A Churchill Way
John D NORTHCOTE 19 Churchill Way
John H FETCH 20 Churchill Way
Barry J LEES 21 Churchill Way
Ivy G BROOKES 22 Churchill Way
David A CHAPMAN 23 Churchill Way
Michael N NEEDLE 24 Churchill Way
Edward J WILLIAMS 25 Churchill Way
Brian RICHARDSON 26 Churchill Way
John S KING 27 Churchill Way
Cyril WOODWARD 28 Churchill Way
Roy F BRYAN 29 Churchill Way
Carl CLEAVER 30 Churchill Way
James E HICKMAN 32 Churchill Way
Frank  ROBERTS 33 Churchill Way
Frederick MILLARD 34 Churchill Way
David J ROBERTS 35 Churchill Way
Malcolm J STEVENS 36 Churchill Way
Terence P MARKS 37 Churchill Way
Cyril A WALKER 38 Churchill Way
Ethel M SHERWIN 39 Churchill Way
Peter R BARLOW 40 Churchill Way
George E BARWICK 41 Churchill Way
Samuel J McGARRITY 42 Churchill Way
Reginald P MATRAVERS 43 Churchill Way
David BETTLES 44 Churchill Way
David A BUSH 45 Churchill Way
Kenneth E DAVIES 46 Churchill Way
Maurice MACREDIE 47 Churchill Way
Brian F PIPE 48 Churchill Way
Alan J ROBERTS 49 Churchill Way
Albert J PERKINS 50 Churchill Way
Walter COX 51 Churchill Way
Albert   RICHARDSON 52 Churchill Way
John V SMITH 53 Churchill Way
Ida L SHIELDS 54 Churchill Way
Alan  WALTON 55 Churchill Way
Joseph W RANDALL 56 Churchill Way
Anthony DONAGHY 57 Churchill Way
Henry M RIGBY 58 Churchill Way
Wyndham G BARNETT 59 Churchill Way
Peter R TRELIVING 60 Churchill Way
Kathleen M HILLYARD 61 Churchill Way
Peter J WINTER 62 Churchill Way
Richard M ALTHORPE 63 Churchill Way
David J SAUNDERS 64 Churchill Way
Brian A MUTLOW 65 Churchill Way
Trevor MAYELL 66 Churchill Way
Anthony R YATES 67 Churchill Way
Anthony S HALL 68 Churchill Way
Michael T TYRRELL 69 Churchill Way
Douglas PAGE 70 Churchill Way
Peter D HOLMES 71 Churchill Way
Stanley W UNGLESS 72 Churchill Way
John ALLEBONE 73 Churchill Way
Michael J VYSE 74 Churchill Way
Margaret A TROOST 75 Churchill Way
Nicholas MILLER 76 Churchill Way
Ernest SOEIGHT 77 Churchill Way
John D PATTERSON 78 Churchill Way
Keith J RIPPIN 79 Churchill Way
Beverley F SMITH 80 Churchill Way
Roger J DEACON 81 Churchill Way
Patrick M AMBLER 82 Churchill Way
Robert F MARLOW 83 Churchill Way
Terence A HOWARD 84 Churchill Way
Maurice W BEASLEY 85 Churchill Way
Alan GOODFELLOW 86 Churchill Way
Michael HENNESSEY 87 Churchill Way
Michael BREILLAT 88 Churchill Way
Clive P HANNON 89 Churchill Way
Clive  CHESTER 90 Churchill Way
Brian J CARTER 91 Churchill Way
Isaac WHITELOCK 92 Churchill Way
David RANSON 93 Churchill Way
David SINTON 94 Churchill Way
Colin J POWELL 95 Churchill Way
Alan F SHORTER 96 Churchill Way
Kenneth L ROBERTS 97 Churchill Way
Wilfred BOWMAN 98 Churchill Way
Michael D FOX 99 Churchill Way
Michael J KIRBY 100 Churchill Way
Michael E WEATHERLEY 101 Churchill Way
Debroy R SUMMERS 102 Churchill Way
Michael A KINKAID 103 Churchill Way
Rodney W BURTON 104 Churchill Way
Michael COOK 105 Churchill Way
Thomas CARROLL 106 Churchill Way
David S TOSTEVIN 107 Churchill Way
David E NIGHTINGALE 108 Churchill Way
Robert  MASON 109 Churchill Way
Edward C SMYTH 110 Churchill Way
Peter C JOHNSON 111 Churchill Way
David F ROBERTS 112 Churchill Way
Anthony W WRIGHT 113 Churchill Way
David E KEARLEY 115 Churchill Way
Peter G BYFIELD 116 Churchill Way
David J WILSHER 117 Churchill Way
William G HARMON 118 Churchill Way
Roy W JONES 119 Churchill Way
Gordon R LUCK 120 Churchill Way
Leonard J BATEMAN 121 Churchill Way
Raymond J GRAY 122 Churchill Way
Terence  BASON 123 Churchill Way
Harvey W ALLEN 124 Churchill Way
Douglas R LIMBERT 125 Churchill Way
Peter J GIBBS 126 Churchill Way
Colin J MacDERMOTT 127 Churchill Way
Peter J MURTON 128 Churchill Way
Roger S McINTYRE 129 Churchill Way
John KENNY 130 Churchill Way
Roger S HINGLE 131 Churchill Way
Anthony W WILLS 132 Churchill Way
William E MURPHY 133 Churchill Way
Colin J DARNELL 134 Churchill Way
George  BOORMAN 135 Churchill Way
Neil B WALTERS 136 Churchill Way
John HOWARD 137 Churchill Way
Anthony ESSAM 138 Churchill Way
James BETTS 139 Churchill Way
John F FIELD 140 Churchill Way
Julian G HARTE 141 Churchill Way
George A BROWN 142 Churchill Way
Anthony D TOOTH 143 Churchill Way
Herbert W CUSICK 144 Churchill Way
Philip F WEBB 146 Churchill Way
Roy   BOWYER 148 Churchill Way
Helen R DUNBAR 150 Churchill WaY
Reginald DUNBAR 150 Churchill WaY
Alexander MILLER 152 Churchill Way
David J BECKS 154 Churchill Way
Bryan H BILLINGTON 156 Churchill Way
Peter R BROOKS 158 Churchill Way
Colin I DOUGHTY 160 Churchill Way
John R CARTER 171 Churchill Way
John FALKNER 173 Churchill Way
Rowland SMITH 175 Churchill Way
David M GILBERT 177 Churchill Way
Rodney F KITTELL 179 Churchill Way
Colin F HALL 181 Churchill Way
Richard L SIMONDS 183 Churchill Way
Gordon W REED 185 Churchill Way
Brian G PARKER 187 Churchill Way
Simon P LOVERIDGE 1 Church Street
Desmond W BROWN 3 Church Street
Rose MILLER 5 Church Street
Arthur S RUMBLE 7 Church Street
John W BRADLEY 9 Church Street
Herbert O PERKINS 11 Church Street
Eric E WOLFE Conservative Club, Church St
Frederick W DAWES 12 Church Street
John R LOAKE Fernbank, Church Street
John N LOAKE Fernbank, Church Street
Colin E GARLICK 16 Church Street [Shop]
Donald F MAWBY 18 Church Street
Margaret SMITH 20 Church Street
Rodney R JAMES 22 Church Street
Douglas   HODGETT 24 Church Street
Ernest LILLYMAN 30 Church Street
Arthur G GREEN 32 Church Street
Robert B ELSON 34 Church Street
Elsie H ELSON 34 Church Street
Herbert PALMER 48 Church Street
Milly CAPPS 50 Church Street
Edith POTTER 52 Church Street
Violet HODGETT 54 Church Street
Walter KING 56 Church Street
Harold SAWYER St. Crispins, Church Street
Claude E PEALL St. Crispins, Church Street
Martin K STOPPS 60 Church Street [The Laurels]
Grace E P LIPINSKI 60A Church Street
Raymond W TAYLOR 61 Church Street
James L AVELING 63 Church Street
Mary PARRATT 65 Church Street
Derek N HOLE Rev The Rectory
Valerie E SMITH 67 Church Street
Horace G SAVAGE 67 Church Street
Annie M SAVAGE 67 Church Street
Albert BUCKBY 69 Church Street
Wilfred J DOWNING 71 Church Street
Joseph W WHITNEY 77 Church Street
Dennis H BURNETT 79 Church Street
Florence M WILLIAMS  81 Church Street
Ralph W LINFORD 83 Church Street
Edward J BAXTER 85 Church Street
Ethel V HORN 87 Church Street
Edith WHITTEMORE 89 Church Street
William ATTFIELD 101 Church Street
Frank ATTFIELD 103 Church Street
Leslie SMITH Highgates, Cranford Road
Geoffrey E BURDETT Burcote, Cranford Road
Leonard J HOUGHTON Epperstone, Cranford road
John T ATTFIELD Ashcroft, Cranford Road
Eileen M PHILLIPS Ghadir, Cranford Road
Robin W ATTFIELD 1 Cranford Road
Ellen PENTELOW 2 Cranford Road
Arthur J SELLERS 3 Cranford Road
Arthur PALMER 5 Cranford Road
Ernest E CLIPSON 7 Cranford Road
Geoffrey E WATSON 9 Cranford Road
Mary ATTFIELD 10 Cranford Road
Robert  WEST 11 Cranford Road
John W KEECH 12 Cranford Road
Raymond A MASTERS 13 Cranford Road
Robert CHAMBERLAIN 14 Cranford Road
William WRIGHT 15 Cranford Road
Alice M SADDINGTON 16 Cranford Road
Basil ABBOTT 17 Cranford Road
Alice A BUCKBY 18 Cranford Road
Albert S CLARKE 19 Cranford Road
Harry STYLES 20 Cranford Road
Werthiem H GREASLEY 21 Cranford Road
Raymond HEARN 22 Cranford Road
Dennis R BIRD 23 Cranford Road
Lilian M DUNKLEY 24 Cranford Road
Joyce E CULLIP 25 Cranford Road
Frederick E JONES 26 Cranford Road
Florence E MACK 27 Cranford Road
Edgar T WATSON 28 Cranford Road
Oscar COOKE 29 Cranford Road
William H DICKENS 30 Cranford Road [Shop]
Frederick R PENTELOW 31 Cranford Road
Ellen N TALBUTT 32 Cranford Road
Barry J BRITCHFORD 33 Cranford Road
Leslie J BLOWFIELD 35 Cranford Road
Charles T HAILES 37 Cranford Road
John T CHESTER 39 Cranford Road
Geoffrey H CLEMENTS 41 Cranford Road
Charles G PIRIE 43 Cranford Road
Oliver W PAGE 45 Cranford Road
Horace   SIDDONS 47 Cranford Road
Hetty WALLER 49 Cranford Road
Robert J FOX Caravan 1, Cranford Road
Rodney GAZELEY Caravan 2, Cranford Road
Frank W NOBLE Caravan 3, Cranford Road
Elizabeth M GALE Caravan 4, Cranford Road
Sheila M BLUNDELL Caravan 5, Cranford Road
Frederick J OSBORN 1 The Crescent
Alan J FULLER 2 The Crescent
Alexandra CLIPSTONE 3 The Crescent
Eileen J RUTLEDGE 4 The Crescent
Lawrence J JOLLEY 5 The Crescent
Harry GRICE 6 The Crescent
David SHELTON 7 The Crescent
Albert A BYLAND 8 The Crescent
Harold H CONROY 9 The Crescent
Raymond R HOBBS 10 The Crescent
Harold JAMES 11 The Crescent
Donald W PARFITT 12 The Crescent
Leslie J PHILLIPS 13 The Crescent
Frank T WINKLE 14 The Crescent
David ORAM 15 The Crescent
Charles W COOK  16 The Crescent
Denzil HENDERSON 17 The Crescent
Sidney I OLORENSHAW 18 The Crescent
Brenda D THURLOW 19 The Crescent
Mervyn R DESBOROUGH 20 The Crescent
Harold T SHORT 1 Denton Court
Anthony F COLEMAN 2 Denton Court
Douglas HAYES 3 Denton Court
John J CLARK  4 Denton Court
Keith J HURLING 5 Denton Court
Charles W BOVINGTON 6 Denton Court
James L DERRY 7 Denton Court
Melvyn SMITH 8 Denton Court
Leslie H ANNS 9 Denton Court
Emily C SCHERBAVER 10 Denton Court
Terrence D JOHNSON 11 Denton Court
David P JONES 12 Denton Court
Ian R RICHARDSON 2 Duke Street
Leslie W SHARMAN 3-5 Duke Street [Shop]
Thomas A TAILBY 6 Duke Street
George CLIPSON 8 Duke Street
Mildred A WHITLOCK 12 Duke Street
Florence L PANTER 13 Duke Street
John L PICKERING 14 Duke Street
Harry C JOYCE 15 Duke Street
Alan J PICKERING 16 Duke Street
Noel R LEWIS 17 Duke Street
Alfred G HOPPER 18 Duke Street
John R BUTTS 19 Duke Street
Oliver J BENFORD 20 Duke Street
Cyril J DESBOROUGH 21 Duke Street
Frank W TAILBY 22 Duke Street
Basil E WOOD 23 Duke Street
George H CHAPMAN 25 Duke Street
Ernest A HICKMAN 31, Duke Street
Roy STRETTON 33 Duke Street
Frederick I INGRAM 34 Duke Street
Maud A STRETTON 35 Duke Street
Nigel DODSWORTH 37 Duke Street [Shop]
Mabel M SWAIN 38 Duke Street
Francis H KIDMAN 38 Duke Street
John T SMITH 40 Duke Street
Mary A CLIFTON 42 Duke Street
Douglas J BENFORD 44 Duke Street
Florence E BROWN 45 Duke Street
Ada E RUDKIN 46 Duke Street
Hilda G MASON 47 Duke Street
Leonard CLIFTON 48 Duke Street
Albert V DENLEY 49 Duke Street
Harry ALLTHORPE 50 Duke Street
Mabel  SMITH 51 Duke Street
Matthew O HUGHES 52 Duke Street
Brian G WILFORD 53 Duke Street
Frank CLARKE 54 Duke Street
Hilda D DESBOROUGH 55 Duke Street
Robert W MILLER 56 Duke Street
Stanley P BETTLES 57 Duke Street
Charles CLEWS 58 Duke Street
Cecil BUCKBY 59 Duke Street
Betty MOROZ 60 Duke Street
Mabel E ALLEN 1 Eady Road
Robert N JOLLEY 2 Eady Road
Victor L AINGE 3 Eady Road
Jack DAVIES 4 Eady Road
Michael SMITH 5 Eady Road
Trevor SMITH 6 Eady Road
James T COLE  7 Eady Road
Frederick A LOVE 8 Eady Road
Audrey YOUNEY 9 Eady Road
John W KING 10 Eady Road
Charles C STEVENS 11 Eady Road
Raymond  FULLER 12 Eady Road
Bernard F ABBS 13 Eady Road
Francis W TAYLOR 14 Eady Road
Katherine M BEEBY 15 Eady Road
Molly MARKS 16 Eady Road
Barry DIXON 17 Eady Road
William HORNSEY 1 East Avenue
Roy C WARD 2 East Avenue
Arthur J CLEMENTS 3 East Avenue
Basil  BINDER-POLLARD 4 East Avenue
Arthur E JEFFS 5 East Avenue
Frank S WRIGHT 6 East Avenue
Jacob W BARCLAY 7 East Avenue
Peter J WALLIS 8 East Avenue
George WHITTLES 9 East Avenue
Rhoda R MESSENGER 10 East Avenue
Henry J BIRD 11 East Avenue
Selina E MORGAN 12 East Avenue
Arthur W BUTLIN 13 East Avenue
Gilbert H HOWARD 14 East Avenue
JAMES PRIOR 15 East Avenue
Arthur C HICKMAN 16 East Avenue
Arthur E ELLIOTT 17 East Avenue
Walter G CARTWRIGHT 18 East Avenue
Bernard H DARNELL 19 East Avenue
Mervyn D ROWLETT 20 East Avenue
Connie FIGGINS 21 East Avenue
Richard R PALMER 22 East Avenue
Jesse AYRES 23 East Avenue
Richard E CHISHOLM 24 East Avenue
Albert V SLATER 25 East Avenue
Florence RANDALL 26 East Avenue
Arthur CLIFTON 27 East Avenue
Robert M FABIAN 28 East Avenue
Lawrence J JOLLEY 29 East Avenue
Thomas A FARRELLY 30 East Avenue
Gloria M LORRIMAN 31 East Avenue
Arthur H IRONS 32 East Avenue
George A CHOLERTON 34 East Avenue
Sidney T PHIPP 36 East Avenue
Alfred W CRISP 38 East Avenue
Edward E GENNIS 40 East Avenue
Anthony G COUSINS 1 Elm Road
Colin A DILLEY 2 Elm Road
Peter E DENT 3 Elm Road
Richard W COOPER 4 Elm Road
Alan G GARDNER 5 Elm Road
Jack STOKES 6 Elm Road
George H GREENFIELD 7 Elm Road
Frederick  SMITH 8 Elm Road
Wilfred G REED 9 Elm Road
Phillip PATRICK 10 Elm Road
Joseph PYBURN 11 Elm Road
Ronald F KELLER 12 Elm Road
Robin SHARP 13 Elm Road
Josef KRAJCIR 14 Elm Road
Shirley F KEABLE 15 Elm Road
Thomas G VOWLES 16 Elm Road
John C LACK 18 Elm Road
Alfred H CAFFREY 20 Elm Road
Norman V DACRE 1 Ensleigh Close
Bertram J WALLER 2 Ensleigh Close
Bernard W PINNINGTON 3 Ensleigh Close
Roderick J CHRISTIAN 4 Ensleigh Close
William W HICKMAN 5 Ensleigh Close
Paul G BUCKBY 8 Ensleigh Close
Frances E COLES 9 Ensleigh Close
Edith M CROOK 10 Ensleigh Close
Howard F FITZHUGH 11 Ensleigh Close
Anthony J RUSSELL 12 Ensleigh Close
Geoffrey GREENFIELD 13 Ensleigh Close
Raymond A YORK 14 Ensleigh Close
Norman W CLIPSON 15 Ensleigh Close
Douglas A BUCKMAN 16 Ensleigh Close
Margaret D SANDERSON 17 Ensleigh Close
Ralph E BIGLEY 18 Ensleigh Close
Sydney G COLEMAN 3 Finedon Road
Thomas W DAINTY 5 Finedon Road
Charles J WHITELOCK 7 Finedon Road
Alan J PENFOLD 9 Finedon Road
Ethel NORTON 11 Finedon Road
Frank   WEBB 13 Finedon Road
Alfred GRANGER 15 Finedon Road
Sydney F SPOKES 17 Finedon Road [Police Station]
Lewis W PARTRIDGE 18 Finedon Road
Frank E HART 19 Finedon Road [Police Station]
Reginald E ROBERTS 20 Finedon Road
Edith L TURNER 25 Finedon Road
John C CAMPEN 26 Finedon Rd    [Grapevine]
George W COLEMAN 28 Finedon Road
Horace E KEIGHTLEY 29 Finedon Road
Herbert HARRIS 30 Finedon Road
Frank B DRAGE 31 Finedon Road
Herbert A HOLYOAK 32 Finedon Road
Alf TURNER 33 Finedon Road
George A LINNELL 34 Finedon Road
William A SMITH 35 Finedon Road
Jesse STARMER 36 Finedon Road
Frederick  LEWIS 37 Finedon Road
Ronald  BEDDOWS 38 Finedon Road
Clive E LANSOM 39 Finedon Road
Roland F RISELEY 40 Finedon Road
Rosanna PAGE 41 Finedon Road
George A BARDLE 42 Finedon Road
Arthur L TURNER 43 Finedon Road
Albert E SCRIMSHAW 44 Finedon Road
Dennis R LEESON 45 Finedon Road
Arthur S DUNKLEY 46 Finedon Road
Herbert L DUNMORE 47 Finedon Road
Claud S SAWFORD 48 Finedon Road
Eric J AMBLER 49 Finedon Road
John S PIZZEY 50 Finedon Road
Gerald G CHURCH 51 Finedon Road
John T WILLIAMS 52 Finedon Road
Sydney ANDREWS 54 Finedon Road
William J WESTLEY 56 Finedon Road
Evan J BEEBY 58 Finedon Road
Sidney J HUSSELBEE 60 Finedon Road
Reginald   DIXON 61 Finedon Road
June M CHARLTON 62 Finedon Road
John T DIXON 63 Finedon Road
Geoffrey WHITEMAN 64 Finedon Road
Edward R BAILEY 66 Finedon Road
Alexander C McDOUGALL 68 Finedon Road
Olive F GASKIN 70 Finedon Road
Elsie WOOLMER 72 Finedon Road
Nicholas WOOLMER 72 Finedon Road
Doris WARD 74 Finedon Road
Sarah WARD 74 Finedon Road
Percy R TOSELAND 76 Finedon Road
Cecil W SMART 78 Finedon Road
Charles L PANTER 80 Finedon Road
William J GOODLIFFE 82 Finedon Road
Arthur W BRAY 84 Finedon Road
Henry W LIDDINGTON 86 Finedon Road
William J FRASER 88 Finedon Road
Henry c PETTITT 90 Finedon Road
Dorothy E MOODY 92 Finedon Road
Herbert S MASON 94 Finedon Road
James D McGINN 96 Finedon Road
Albert E STREATHER 98 Finedon Road
David YOUNG 100 Finedon Road
Douglas E BEAVER 102 Finedon Road
Walter G COOPER  104 Finedon Road
Stanley GEAGEN 106 Finedon Road
Francis E BOSWORTH 108 Finedon Road
John B BOSWORTH 110 Finedon Road
Arthur GOWEN Elmsdale, Finedon Road
Phillip H SMITH Mill Cottage, Finedon Road
Bernard H ROGERS Caravan 1, Finedon Road
William H SHARMAN Caravan 2, Finedon Road
Myla L PANTER Caravan 3, Finedon Road
Amy F CARVELL 5 Finedon Street
George R STURGESS 6 Finedon Street
Maurice DANNS 7 Finedon Street
John J SMYTH 9 Finedon Street
Richard W THOMPSON 10 Finedon Street
Bernard   POTTS 12 Finedon Street
Neil DUNSMORE 14 Finedon Street
Albert V LIGGINS 16 Finedon Street
Leslie G LANGLEY 18 Finedon Street
Derek MERRINGTON 20A Finedon Street
Amy E GAMMIDGE 23 Finedon Street
William A BUNYAN 24 Finedon Street
Doris E ASHBY 25 Finedon Street
Percy  EVANS 26 Finedon Street
Iris DANIELS 27 Finedon Street
Tony MANNING 28 Finedon Street
Victor C BLOWFIELD 29 Finedon Street
William L DOUGLAS 30 Finedon Street
Sidney F TURNER 31 Finedon Street
Charles J MURGATROYD 32 Finedon Street
Bernard SAYLES 33 Finedon Street
Joseph LEECH 35 Finedon Street
John WILLETTS 36 Finedon Street [Finedon St. W.M.C.]
Norman J BRACE 37 Finedon Street
Percy W LIDDINGTON 39 Finedon Street
Raymond P CARVELL 41 Finedon Street
Herbert W MASON 47 Finedon Street
Florence B NORTHERN 49 Finedon Road
Doris BIRD 51 Finedon Street
Ivy L ASHLEY 53 Finedon Street
Lilian R WOOTTON 55 Finedon Street
Peter CAMPEN 57 Finedon Street
Leslie   HARRIS 59 Finedon Street
Mary K JANES 61 Finedon Street
Robert ROSE 62 Finedon Street
Arthur W TYRRELL 64 Finedon Street
William C ODELL 65 Finedon Street
Bernard J WOODS 66 Finedon Street
Michael J TINKER 67 Finedon Street
Brian D NORTHERN 68 Finedon Street
Reginald   BAILEY 69 Finedon Street
Ellen YORK 70 Finedon Street
Robert G WARREN 71 Finedon Street
Kevin W BANKS 72 Finedon Street
John L BALL 73 Finedon Street
Ralph EADY 74 Finedon Street
Kezia SHUCKSMITH 75 Finedon Street
Margaret B ROSE 76 Finedon Street
Ian R WESTLEY 77A  Finedon Street
Douglas A FEARY 80 Finedon Street
Florence   TURNER 85 Finedon Street
Bertha STURGESS 87 Finedon Street
Nora M COMPTON 89 Finedon Street
Raymond P HOWARD 91 Finedon Street
Kate BULL 92 Finedon Street
Philip A WITTERING 93 Finedon Street
Gillian M THOMPSON 94 Finedon Street
Harry N CLARKE 95 Finedon Street
Bertrand SPENDLOVE 96 Finedon Street
Arthur T GOODE 97 Finedon Street
Wilfred S SMITH 99 Finedon Street
Thomas C MITCHELL 100 Finedon Street
Paul F NEAL 1 George Street
Albert S GRIFFIN 2 George Street
Alan EVANS 3 George Street
John T GRAY 4 George Street
Arthur W EADY 5 George Street
John WOODS 6 George Street
Ernest A KING 7 George Street
George W ASHBY 8 George Street
Harry H EYLES 9 George Street
Jack HODDLE 10 George Street
Desmond GAZELEY 11 George Street
Keith SHARMAN 12 George Street
Ronald F GAZELEY 13 George Street
Herbert C HARRISON 14 George Street
John K ALMOND 15 George Street
Thomas  LOWE 16 George Street
Hugh L STUBBS 17 George Street
John R BEEBY  18 George Street
Alice M SHARP 19 George Street
Harry DIXON 1 Glebe Road
Dennis J EDENSOR 2A  Glebe Road
Reginald   LONG 3 Glebe Road
Frederick W DOBSON 4 Glebe Road
Dennis W LANE 5 Glebe Road
Arthur RAMSBOTTOM 7 Glebe Road
Kathleen E HARRIS 8 Glebe Road
Edward R COTTINGHAM 9 Glebe Road
David A ROE 10 Glebe Road
Kenneth W PERKINS 11 Glebe Road
Brian J MITCHELL 14 Glebe Road
Herbert W EADY 16 Glebe Road
Raymond D CHESTER 1 Hawthorn Close
Cyril W SCARRAT 2 Hawthorn Close
Arthur J SAWFORD 3 Hawthorn Close
James W JUDD 4 Hawthorn Close
Horace W LANGLEY 5 Hawthorn Close
Ernest  JUDD 6 Hawthorn Close
Harold J MEADOWS 7 Hawthorn Close
Bertie G CARVELL 8 Hawthorn Close
Albert A MORBY 9 Hawthorn Close
Albert SPRIGGS 10 Hawthorn Close
Leslie R NOBLES 11 Hawthorn Close
Doris REED 12 Hawthorn Close
George R NEVILLE 13 Hawthorn Close
Arthur STANLEY 14 Hawthorn Close
Charles R JESSOP 15 Hawthorn Close
Donald R HENMAN 16 Hawthorn Close
Winifred W BAYMAN 17 Hawthorn Close
Frank RICHARDSON 18 Hawthorn Close
Alfred L SAWBRIDGE 21 Hawthorn Close
William J WEST   22 Hawthorn Close
Matthew McVITTIE 23 Hawthorn Close
James F PEARCE 24 Hawthorn Close
Cecil W LAYNG 25 Hawthorn Close
James L STANLEY 26 Hawthorn Close
Rosilla F PELL 27 Hawthorn Close
John A UNDERWOOD 28 Hawthorn Close
Ivy G SMITH 29 Hawthorn Close
John WALTON 2 Hawthorn Road
Harold   YORK 4 Hawthorn Road
Doreen G BACON 6 Hawthorn Road
Gladys V FELLOWES 8 Hawthorn Road
Edward J DICKS 10 Hawthorn Road
Walter HODSON 12 Hawthorn Road
Robert WHITTLE 14 Hawthorn Road
Charles F VILLETTE 16 Hawthorn Road
George M THURLOW 2 Higham Road
John A PINNOCK 3 Higham Road
John BRYDGES 5 Higham Road
David  LEWIS 7 Higham Road
Fanny L STOKES 9 Higham Road
Elizabeth J SPRIGGS 11 Higham Rroad
Arthur W MOULD 13 Higham Road
Patrick J SMITH 15 Higham Road
Leslie R PARSONS 23 Higham Road
Alfred E FOX  25 Higham Road
Mabel K RATCLIFFE 27 Higham Road
Edward C WILKINS 29 Higham Road
Henry A LOAK 31 Higham Road
Robert J MACKINTOSH 33 Higham Road
James STRUDWICK 35 Higham Road
Ronald F MILLER 37 Higham Road
Ivan S COX The Drive, Higham Road
David G SHELFORD Highlands, Higham Road
Mansell A COX Almaco, Higham Road
Frank E UNDERWOOD The Bungalow, Higham Road
William D WRIGHT White Lodge, Higham Road
Albert J PACK Buccleuch Lodge
Nigel V SMITH Black Lodge
Albert P KINGSLEY Dr 27 High St [Osborne House]
Frederick B HOWIE 29 High St [Rosebank]
Albert H OVERTON 29 High St [Rosebank]
Graham E McGEORGE 29 High St [Rosebank]
Peter J CRADDOCK 31 High Street
Frederick W GILBERT 32 High Street
Kenneth   HUDSON  34A High Street
John BYRNE 35 High Street
Michael C ELMORE 36A High Street
Leslie L GREENWOOD 37 High Street [Formerly the Red Cow]
Charles R SMITH 40 High Street
John A SMITH 42 High Street
Benjamin C HOLMES 44 High Street
Frances R GILBERT 46B High Street
Colin A PLOWMAN 56 High Street [Barber]
Sheila A TYRRELL 58 High Street
Frank LONG 60 High Street [Shop]
Reginald CARVELL 90A High Street
Florence CARVELL 90A High Street
John Roger DACRE 92 High St [Post Office]
William D EVANS 93 High St [Hilly Farm]
Frederick A BLANCHARD The Paddocks [Hilly Farm]
David KIRK 94 High St [Bank House]
Edward T YEOMANS 98 High Street [Greengrocer]
Kenneth T TUCK 100 High Street [Ideal Shop]
Daniel CONGREVE 101 High Street [Shop]
Gertrude ROBINSON 103 High Street
Charles C CHARLES 104 High Street [Cycle repairs]
Walter C HOTSON 105 High Street
Walter C MEADS 111 High Street [Dairy]
Phyllis E S MEADS 111 High Street [Dairy]
Cynthia S MEADS 111 High Street [Dairy]
William F CONDLIFFE 113 High Street [Paper shop]
Reginald A HODGES Dukes Arms
Max GREEN  121 High Street
John B WATERFIELD 143 High Street
Dennis J HORNSBY 149 High Street
Rose MASON 153 High Street
John W BAYES 154 High Street
Anthony PECK 159 High Street
Walter St. D PIPER 160 High Street
Arthur G ARNOLD 164 High Street
Bernard A EVANS 165 High Street
Cecil C THOMPSON 167 High Street
Frank W STREATHER 168 High Street
Lewis G OWEN  172 High Street
Florence A BLAKE 182 High Street [Shop]
Elsie V TURNER 184 High Street
John D TURNER 186 High Street
Harry TAILBY 188 High Street
John P SMITH 190 High Street
Walter G JOHNSON 194 High Street
Dennis J WALLIS 196 High Street
William NORTHERN 198 High Street
Lot VORLEY 200 High Street
James HANLON 202 High Street
Leonard E MITCHELL 204 High Street
Sidney B BAISH 206 High Street
Ernest W VINCENT 208 High Street
Edith M BAMBRIDGE 210 High Street
Helena E BAISH 212 High Street
Violet M MERTON 1 Hillcrest Avenue
James H MOISEY 2 Hillcrest Avenue
Philip SHORTLAND 3 Hillcrest Avenue
Peter W NEAL 4 Hillcrest Avenue
George H WILFORD 5 Hillcrest Avenue
Reginald BAISH 6 Hillcrest Avenue
Walter E COLES 7 Hillcrest Avenue
George  MUIR 8 Hillcrest Avenue
Herbert T CHESTER 9 Hillcrest Avenue
Horace LORRIMAN 10 Hillcrest Avenue
George RAMSBOTTOM 11 Hillcrest Avenue
Herbert P WRIGHT 12 Hillcrest Avenue
Walter J SWANNELL 13 Hillcrest Avenue
Harold E KEECH 14 Hillcrest Avenue
Raymond A BUTTS 15 Hillcrest Avenue
Douglas H MILLER 16 Hillcrest Avenue
Albert H THURLAND 17 Hillcrest Avenue
Sidney G SMITH 18 Hillcrest Avenue
Roy ENGLISH 19 Hillcrest Avenue
Frank ROBINSON 20 Hillcrest Avenue
Florence C KNIGHTON 21 Hillcrest Avenue
Frederick T FELCE 22 Hillcrest Avenue
Ronald  PINNOCK 23 Hillcrest Avenue
George HERBERT 24 Hillcrest Avenue
Harold V BULLEY 25 Hillcrest Avenue
Sidney J HAWTHORN 26 Hillcrest Avenue
Norman WELLS 27 Hillcrest Avenue
Mary CONNER 1 Isebrook Court
Georffrey J BILLETT 2 Isebrook Court
Bryant F HARMER 3 Isebrook Court
Gordon L BROOKES 4 Isebrook Court
John H WALDEN 6 Isebrook Court
Paul McGOWAN 7 Isebrook Court
Hannah M NOTT 8 Isebrook Court
John W SCOTT 9 Isebrook Court
Alan CRAIG 10 Isebrook Court
Anthony M HUNT 11 Isebrook Court
Shaun A STARKEY 12 Isebrook Court
Kenneth  WESTLEY 13 Isebrook Court
Wilfred PRATT 14 Isebrook Court
Alan YATES 15 Isebrook Court
Emily KIRBY 16 Isebrook Court
Peter J TOSELAND 1 Kettering Road [Shop]
Arthur E GILBY 6 Kettering Road [Shop]
James T MOTT 24 Kett Rd [Waggon & Horses]
Anthony F REEVES 26 Kettering Road
Edith M KIRBY 28 Kettering Road
Ronald W PALMER 47 Kettering Road
Harry  ROBINSON 63B Kettering Road
John TOSELAND 65 Kettering Road
Beatrice M WALKER 67 Kettering Rroad
Agnes KEMP 69 Kettering Road
Charles B CLARKE 71 Kettering Road
Stanley J FIRMIN 73 Kettering  Rd [The Yews]
James BENNIE Home Farm, Kettering Road
Richard L HARPUR The Hall, Kettering Road
David C STEWART The Dormers, Kettering Road
Sydney T MILLER 240 Kettering Road
Walter J SIMONS 241 Kettering Road
Reginald L BATES 242 Kettering Road
Alfred NURRISH 244 Kettering Road
Raymond A MUNNS 246 Kettering Road
George W WEBSTER 248 Kettering Road
Frederick J JARVIS 250 Kettering Road
John T WHITLOCK 252 Kettering Road
Roy K HEFFORD 254 Kettering Road
Alan W CARTER 1 Langley Court
Peter E TAYLOR 2 Langley Court
Walter MOON 3 Langley Court
John W SUMMERS 4 Langley Court
Clive R BEAVER 5 Langley Court
Peter W WILDGUST 6 Langley Court
John R PETTITT 7 Langley Court
Derrick C KILSBY 8 Langley Court
Norman A HILTON 9 Langley Court
David J BAILEY 10 Langley Court
Anthony LEACH 11 Langley Court
Graham TOWNSEND 12 Langley Court
Gordon J MANDER 13 Langley Court
Bryan E YORK 14 Langley Court
John E BATEY 15 Langley Court
Allan CLARKE 16 Langley Court
Walter H LANCASTER 1 Latimer Close
Charles W MASON 2 Latimer Close
Cecily F TOMLINSON 3 Latimer Close
Emily RIDGWAY 4 Latimer Close
Walter MAYES 5 Latimer Close
Oscar GRAY 6 Latimer Close
William JOHNSON 7 Latimer Close
Elizabeth A HUMPHREY 8 Latimer Close
Rose E EADY 9 Latimer Close
Charles H ASHBY 11 Latimer Close
Gertrude WITTERING 12 Latimer Close
Edith A WOOD 14 Latimer Close
Harry  GODDARD 16 Latimer Close
Leslie J SCOTT 18 Latimer Close
Frederick G SCOTT 20 Latimer Close
Leonard J YORK 22 Latimer Close
George SCOTT 24 Latimer Close
Joseph F BRIGGS 26 Latimer Close
Albert E COLEMAN 28 Latimer Close
Elizabeth   YORK 30 Latimer Close
Arthur H WOODLANDS 32 Latimer Close
Leonard A NIX 34 Latimer Close
Ernest C MICKLEY 36 Latimer Close
Alice GRAINGER 1 Burton House
Thurza E BUCKBY 2 Burton House
Maggie E ALTHORPE 3 Burton House
Margaret E LAW 4 Burton House
Alice COX 5 Burton House
Kate INGRAM 6 Burton House
Bertha L KNIGHT 7 Burton House
Bertha L LINNELL 8 Burton House
Emily C PALMER 9 Burton House
Ethel M EAVES 10 Burton House
Edith PERKINS 11 Burton House
Lena A STOCKTON 12 Burton House
Doris LEWIS 13 Burton House
Florence A BETTLES 14 Burton House
Maud E COBBAERT 15 Burton House
Margeret HARDING 16 Burton House
William J PANTER 17 Burton House
Mary E CROFT 18 Burton House
Alice BLAXLEY 19 Burton House
Miriam E MILLER 20 Burton House
Maud E COOPER 21 Burton House
Arthur WHITTEMORE 22 Burton House
William T HART 23 Burton House
Walter E WRIGHT 1 Meeting Lane [Formerly The Thatchers]
Dorothy E SMITH Caravan 1, Meeting Lane
Ronald LAWSON Caravan 2, Meeting Lane
Kenneth PYLE Caravan 3, Meeting Lane
Barry C KEECH Caravan 4, Meeting Lane
Frederick K MARLOW Caravan 5, Meeting Lane
Stuart J EDSON Caravan 6, Meeting Lane
Jack K SMITH Caravan 8, Meeting Lane
Emily A SMITH 2 Meeting Lane
John W SMITH 4 Meeting Lane
Guy Stanley THORNE 8 Meeting Lane
Doreen E OLECNOWICZ 10 Meeting Lane
Dora M SMITH 14 Meeting Lane
Edward J COX 25 Meeting Lane
James J HOLDBACK 27 Meeting Lane
John O STEVENSON 29 Meeting Lane
Gilbert R OLORENSHAW 31 Meeting Lane
Frederick GARNER 33 Meeting Lane
Kathleen BENNETT 35 Meeting Lane
James S ALTHORPE 37 Meeting Lane
Eric C WEST 39 Meeting Lane
Cedric T JONES 41 Meeting Lane
Raymond P OLORENSHAW 43 Meeting Lane
Cyril E GILES 45 Meeting Lane
Lawrence P TURNER 47 Meeting Lane
James PICKERING  49 Meeting Lane
John W CHRISTIAN 51 Meeting Lane
Arthur LACK 53 Meeting Lane
Doris M CLARKE The Limes, Meeting Lane
Noel LLOYD-JAMES Rev The Manse, Meeting Lane
David W SMITH 1 Miller Road
Walter J HUNT 2 Miller Road
Colin A SHRIVE 3 Miller Road
Cyril C CRADDOCK 4 Miller Road
Alfred T BUCKNALL 5 Miller Road
Janet J ABBOTT 6 Miller Road
Mervyn D ABBOTT 6 Miller Road
Douglas E SPENCER 7 Miller Road
Walter J BURLEY 8 Miller Road
Ernest A STURMAN 9 Miller Road
Phyllis DICKENS 10 Miller Road
Frank WAITE 12 Miller Road
Brian HOBBS 13 Miller Road
Walter H VICKERS 14 Miller Road
Charles E ROBINSON 15 Miller Road
Gladys E BAKER 16 Miller Road
John E COX 17 Miller Road
Leslie F JUDKINS 1 Nene Road
Ruby L ASTON 2 Nene Road
Frederick G CRAMPTON 3 Nene Road
Cyril L YORK 4 Nene Road
Gerald BAILEY 5 Nene Road
Henry R WARMINGTON 6 Nene Road
Dennis P COCKER 7 Nene Road
Wendy MASON 8 Nene Road
Peter E WILLIAMS 9 Nene Road
Lawrence H MORRIS 10 Nene Road
Raymond  HULME 11 Nene Road
Edward  NUGENT 12 Nene Road
Iris M COLLIER 13 Nene Road
Maurice PAYNE 14 Nene Road
Henry C KIRBY 15 Nene Road
Graham McFARLANE 16 Nene Road
Ivy K WILSON 17 Nene Road
Donald SNAPE 18 Nene Road
William WIGNELL 19 Nene Road
Philip A STOKES 20 Nene Road
Newman ADDIS 21 Nene Road
Frank H PARKER 22 Nene Road
Patrick EVANS 23 Nene Road
Leonard V LETTS 24 Nene Road
Malcolm C CRADDOCK 26 Nene Road
John E SWIFT 28 Nene Road
Alan R BENFORD 2 Newman St. [Britannia Club Bungalow]
Frank V HENDRY 4 Newman Street
Leonard B LOAK 6 Newman Street
Irene A CAPPS 8 Newman Street
John B CHAMBERS 10 Newman Street
Alfred   JOHNSON 11 Newman Street
Trevor CLEMENT 13 Newman Street
Arthur COLES 17 Newman Street
Alfred TAILBY 19 Newman Street
Harold SWEETING 21 Newman Street
Clarissa NUTT 23 Newman Street
Charles F LOVEDAY 25 Nerwman Street
Horace LOAK 26 Newman Street
Richard J EADY 27 Newman Street
Raymond FOX 28 Newman Street
Gwendoline STEPHENSON 29 Newman Street
Michael R STEPHENSON 29 Newman Street
Eric G PINNOCK 31 Newman Street
Dennis F YORK 33 Newman Street
Leonard C EARL 35 Newman Street
Audrey E BROWN 1 North Avenue
Keith P SUTTON 2 North Avenue
Constance H HARLOW 3 North Avenue
Douglas J JEMPSON 4 North Avenue
Geoffrey W COX 5 North Avenue
Robert G ALLTHORPE 6 North Avenue
John J WARNER 7 North Avenue
Herbert A TURNER 8 North Avenue
Arthur S BARLOW 9 North Avenue
Edward F HARRISON 10 North Avenue
Doris E MAWBY 11 North Avenue
Reginald V MOORE 12 North Avenue
William G FENNELL 13 North Avenue
Herbert J LARDNER 14 North Avenue
Alan C HICKS 1 Park Road
Kevin L PAYNE 3 Park Road
Geoffrey A TEBBUTT 4 Park Road
Brian BRADSHAW 5 Park Road
David NUTT 6 Park Road
John R THORPE 7 Park Road
Andrew F MERCER 8 Park Road
Howard E ROBERTS 9 Park Road
Brian R ELLSON 10 Park Road
Paul B WRIGHT 11 Park Road
Peter A UNDERWOOD 12 Park Road
Lionel V MANTLE 13 Park Road
Peter J CLIPSON 14 Park Road
Sydney C JANES 15 Park Road
James WOODS 16 Park Road
Leslie   BROWN 18 Park Road
Emma L KEIGHTLEY 43 Piggotts Lane
Patrick R O'SULLIVAN 45 Piggotts Lane
Geoffrey DYSON 6 Pioneer Avenue
Charles E COLES 8 Pioneer Avenue
Bernard QUINN 10 Pioneer Avenue
Mabel M HULL 12 Pioneer Avenue
Percy W BUGBY 12 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick G NEWING 14 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick J KEACH 15 Pioneer Avenue
Francis B TOOP 16 Pioneer Avenue
Bernard C MADDOCKS 17 Pioneer Avenue
William H STOCKTON 18 Pioneer Avenue
Joan M GOODE 19 Pioneer Avenue
George WARD 20 Pioneer Avenue
Sidney G PINNEY 21 Pioneer Avenue
Albert V MORLEY 22 Pioneer Avenue
Walter S BOND 23 Pioneer Avenue
Francis   WOLOSZCZUK 24 Pioneer Avenue
Edward W KNIGHTON 25 Pioneer Avenue
Adeliza EVANS 26 Pioneer Avenue
Harold CHILDS 27 Pioneer Avenue
Leslie F MILLS 28 Pioneer Avenue
Clarice K TAILBY 29 Pioneer Avenue
Leonard D CLIPSON 30 Pioneer Avenue
Dennis  YORK 31 Pioneer Avenue
Leonard ABBOTT 32 Pioneer Avenue
Robert C TINEY 33 Pioneer Avenue
Charles J FOX 34 Pioneer Avenue
Joan F BAILEY 35 Pioneer Avenue
Samuel W COE 36 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick T TOSELAND 37 Pioneer Avenue
Ralph V BELLAMY 38 Pioneer Avenue
David J GRIFFITHS 39 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick H CLIFTON 40 Pioneer Avenue
Derek PAYNE 41 Pioneer Avenue
Walter G JOHNSON 42 Pioneer Avenue
Victor G BELLAMY 43 Pioneer Avenue
Joseph A EVANS 44 Pioneer Avenue
Cyril BALL 45 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick G CRADDOCK 46 Pioneer Avenue
Albert E COURT 47 Pioneer Avenue
Arthur J CAPPS 48 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick AUSTIN 49 Pioneer Avenue
Herbert E CAPPS 50 Pioneer Avenue
Arthur HAYNES 51 Pioneer Avenue
Walter BUCKBY 52 Pioneer Avenue
Leslie YATES 53 Pioneer Avenue
Douglas  DESBOROUGH 54 Pioneer Avenue
Gordon H CHESTER 55 Pioneer Avenue
Raymond J FRENCH 57 Pioneer Avenue
Henry J YATES 59 Pioneer Avenue
Joseph A PARKHOUSE 60 Pioneer Avenue
Maurice G BLISSETT 61 Pioneer Avenue
Frederick RIDGWAY 62 Pioneer Avenue
Joseph  AUSTIN 63 Pioneer Avenue
David F MAYES 64 Pioneer Avenue
George A WALLINGTON 65 Pioneer Avenue
George W BENFORD 66 Pioneer Avenue
Pauline SHAW 67 Pioneer Avenue
Thomas P BARBER 68 Pioneer Avenue
John J HULL 69 Pioneer Avenue
Robert C GRANGER 70 Pioneer Avenue
Harry G WRIGHT 71 Pioneer Avenue
Charles E SHARP 72 Pioneer Avenue
Cyril A BURROWS 73 Pioneer Avenue
William L BULMER 74 Pioneer Avenue
Colin R BULLEY 75 Pioneer Avenue
Harold C FORDHAM 76 Pioneer Avenue
Jack RICKARDS 77 Pioneer Avenue
Rodney W DRAYCOTT 78 Pioneer Avenue
Leonard COOPER 80 Pioneer Avenue
George R WATERFIELD 82 Pioneer Avenue
John D PETRIE 84 Pioneer Avenue
John C DAINTY 86 Pioneer Avenue
Paul   AMOS Russetts, Polwell Lane
Frank PACHNER Arcadia, Polwell Lane
Victor J DAVIS Netherfield, Polwell Lane
Harold E DESBOROUGH 1 Poplar Road
Beryl HODDLE 2 Poplar Road
Anthony J HILL 3 Poplar Road
Alfred L NORTHERN 4 Poplar Road
Susan A HYLA 5 Poplar Road
Donald K LIZARS 6 Poplar Road
Thomas G FISHER 7 Poplar Road
Jack CARVELL 8 Poplar Road
George E CHENEY 9 Poplar Road
David R FEATHERSTONE 10 Poplar Road
Kenneth U DESBOROUGH  11 Poplar Road
Frank E EADY 12 Poplar Road
Kenneth C CHENEY 13 Poplar Road
William E SMITH 14 Poplar Road
Edwin C COPE 15 Poplar Road
James H SCOTTER 16 Poplar Road
Arthur G KNIBBS 17 Poplar Road
Terence M TARLETON 18 Poplar Road
Terrence C IRONS 19 Poplar Road
David J THURLOW 20 Poplar Road
Maureen M COLEMAN 21 Poplar Road
Sidney G MEADOWS 22 Poplar Road
Albert LINK 23 Poplar Road
Ronald H BENZIE 24 Poplar Road
John J FERRIER 25 Poplar Road
Geoffrey A DRAGE 26 Poplar Road
Robert  NESBITT 27 Poplar Road
Laurence S RUSSELL 28 Poplar Road
Michael T SMITH 30 Poplar Road
Frank L PALMER 32 Poplar Road
Albert E OGG 34 Poplar Road
Robert G HAMMOND 36 Poplar Road
Robert HUDSON 1 Queensway
Edward E TURNER 2 Queensway
Clifford J ALLEN 3 Queensway
Anthony J PRYKE 4 Queensway
Graham TAILBY 5 Queensway
Michael V JOHNSON 6 Queensway
Gertrude E WILLS 7 Queensway
Gordon L BEEBY 8 Queensway
Luther GALE 9 Queensway
Roy HARRIS 10 Queensway
Gordon HOWARD 11 Queensway
Frederick H GOODE 12 Queensway
Alfred H BEEBY 13 Queensway
Geoffrey W BARCLAY 14 Queensway
Eva A FENNELL 15 Queensway
Francis H DICKS 16 Queensway
Victor N BROWN 17 Queensway
George STACK 18 Queensway
Dennis F ABBOTT 19 Queensway
Colin O JOLLEY 20 Queensway
Ronald W DAVIS 21 Queensway
Gordon D YORK 22 Queensway
Harry  DRAGE 23 Queensway
Winifred M TAYLEURE 24 Queensway
Douglas H TAYLEURE 24 Queensway
Paula J LOVE 25 Queensway
Walter E SANDERSON 26 Queensway
Walter W FELCE 27 Queensway
Dennis R NEVILLE 28 Queensway
Jack HAYNES 29 Queensway
Wilfred S CLIPSON 30 Queensway
Harry FARMER 31 Queensway
Ernest A TOWNSEND 32 Queensway
Peter A CHAMBERLAIN 33 Queensway
Alan J GRIFFIN 34 Queensway
Charles W TYRRELL 35 Queensway
Jack GILES 36 Queensway
John P ASHBY 37 Queensway
Michael L BEDFORD 38 Queensway
Elsie RAINBOW 39 Queensway
Arthur A PRINCE 40 Queensway
James  AUSTIN 41 Queensway
Bertie W PHILLIPS 42 Queensway
Phyllis SLATER 43 Queensway
Annie M WRIGHT 44 Queensway
Annie G BILLING 45 Queensway
Edgar J HANCOCK 46 Queensway
Elsie CROSS 47 Queensway
Alice BOND 48 Queensway
Lily MASON 49 Queensway
Mary G RANDALL 50 Queensway
Gladys M HENMAN 51 Queensway
Charles L CLIPSTONE 52 Queensway
Sidney T READ 53 Queensway
William A STEVENS 55 Queensway [Stores]
Percy E HERBERT 56 Queensway
Geoffrey C LAW 58 Queensway
Colin F MASON 60 Queensway
Norman D ANDERSON 64 Queensway
Alan C EXLEY 66 Queensway
David   PACK 68 Queensway
Lawrence BURGIN 70 Queensway
Frank J BATES 72 Queensway
Gerald L HUTCHINGS 74 Queensway
Dennis WRIGLEY 76 Queensway
Joan WRIGLEY 76 Queensway
John HERBERT 80 Queensway
Roger W PRIDMORE 82 Queensway
Brian E SHORTLAND 84 Queensway
Terence H BRINKLOW 86 Queensway
Louie E TRAYNAR 1 Regent Close
Raymond G BIRD 2 Regent Close
Donald W SHARPE 3 Regent Close
Clarence K NEWNES 4 Regent Close
Colin WOODS 5 Regent Close
Paul F SLATER 6 Regent Close
Theodore J CLARK 7 Regent Close
Thomas PRITCHARD 8 Regent Close
Michael J HANCOCK 9 Regent Close
Mark A FENTON 10 Regent Close
Brian R WEST 11 Regent Close
Carl EVANS 12 Regent Close
Edith K WITTERING 1 Regent Road
Ernest C BETTLES 2 Regent Road
Edward WARNER 3 Regent Road
Ronald J CHAPMAN 4 Regent Road
Royston T SMITH 5 Regent Road
Trevor E ROBINSON 6 Regent Road
Leslie A STARMER 7 Regent Road
Ronald J JAMES 9 Regent Road
Roy T FREEMAN 10 Regent Road
John WITTERING  11 Regent Road
Laurence A WILKINS 12 Regent Road
Kenneth W BARKER 14 Regent Road
John WILES 15 Regent Road [Shop]
John A BECKS 16 Regent Road
Bryan R POTTER 17 Regent Road
Walter PATRICK 18 Regent Road
Frank S LEWIS 19 Regent Road
John LEWIS 20 Regent Road
Bryan F ELLIOTT 21 Regent Road
Hilda M DODSWORTH 22 Regent Road
Robert W ARNOLD 24 Regent Road
Lily W RENK 26 Regent Road
Ellen WILFORD 30 Regent Road
Reginald COOPER 32 Regent Road
David J MILLS 34 Regent Road
Francis W UNDERWOOD 38 Regent Road
Frank T PECK Orchard House, Regent Road
Wilfred K SMITH Regent House, Regent Road
Douglas J ASHBY Regent House, Regent Road
James  MEADOWS Regent House, Regent Road
Frederick ORAM 2 Rosebery Street
Fanny R COLE 14 Rosebery Street
Ada GREEN 16 Rosebery Street
Jesse GALE 18 Rosebery Street
Anthony S BURBIDGE 19 Rosebery Street
Stanley PENFOLD 20 Rosebery Street
Frank LOAK 21 Rosebery Street
John WALKER 22 Rosebery Street
Harold F LOAK 23 Rosebery Street
Michael J VILLETTE 24 Rosebery Street
Newman TAILBY 25 Rosebery Street
Stanley E WALKER 26 Rosebery Street
Stephen SWANNELL 27 Rosebery Street
Catherine LUKASIEWICZ 29 Rosebery Street
Frederick G COOPER 30 Rosebery Street
Eva E ISSITT 31 Rosebery Street
Charles  JOHNSON 32 Rosebery Street
Phyllis G TAILBY 33 Rosebery Street
Herbert L MORRIS 34 Rosebery Street
Frank E HICKS 35 Rosebery Street
Frederick A WATTS 36 Rosebery Street
Reginald MACREDIE 37 Rosebery Street
Bertie E HOBBS 38 Rosebery Street
Bernard DRAGE 39 Rosebery Street
Frederick G EAVES 45 Rosebery Street
Brian P OSBORNE 47 Rosebery Street
Janette M ANDERSON 49 Rosebery Street
David C VARNFIELD 51 Rosebery Street
Reginald SLATER 53 Rosebery Street
Thomas E MILLER 55 Rosebery Street
Leonard WHITE 57 Rosebery Street
Phoebe H CLIFTON 1 St Crispin Close
Frederick A LAW 2 St Crispin Close
James F McPHERSON 3 St Crispin Close
Jenny FORD 4 St Crispin Close
Mabel TALBUTT 5 St Crispin Close
Ethel C CHESTER 6 St Crispin Close
Edith  DAVEY 7 St Crispin Close
Agnes CURRANT 8 St Crispin Close
Laura A DUNMORE 9 St Crispin Close
Charles  HENSON 10 St Crispin Close
Philip H LOOMS 11 St Crispin Close
Jessie L GRIFFITHS 12 St Crispin Close
John H WILLIAMSON 13 St Crispin Close
Frederick BLUNDELL 14 St Crispin Close
Hilda G CAPPS 15 St Crispin Close
Kate MEADOWS 16 St Crispin Close
Edward W BUCKBY 17 St Crispin Close
Frederick HENMAN 18 St Crispin Close
Ernest W ROBINSON 19 St Crispin Close
Edith E DARBY 20 St Crispin Close
Bessie A FIRMIN 21 St Crispin Close
Grace WELLS 22 St Crispin Close
Donald P BEVAN 1 Severn Court
Peter CROWHURST 2 Severn Court
John K MITCHELL 3 Severn Court
James STRUDWICK 4 Severn Court
Raymond A BUNYAN 5 Severn Court
John SPICER 6 Severn Court
Robert A SMITH 7 Severn Court
Edward J THORNTON-LANE 8 Severn Court
Roger C EGGLETON 9 Severn Court
Dennis TOMPSETT 10 Severn Court
Anthony G LANE 11 Severn Court
Alan J LEWIS 12 Severn Court
Desmond C MARLOW 13 Severn Court
Frank E KIBBLE 14 Severn Court
Ivan H CARVELL 15 Severn Court
David P EATHORNE 16 Severn Court
Arthur E THOMPSON 17 Severn Court
Terence BAKER 18 Severn Court
Jeffrey G WALLER 19 Severn Court
Clifford COTTERELL 20 Severn Court
James S GOODMAN 21 Severn Court
John G ASTON 22 Severn Court
Leon K THOMPSON 23 Severn Court
Vivian I THOMPSON 23 Severn Court
Martin J QUIGLEY 24 Severn Court
Michael G KING 1 Shakesoeare Drive
Brian G WRIGHT 2 Shakesoeare Drive
Daniel GRAY 3 Shakesoeare Drive
Sam V LOVE 4 Shakesoeare Drive
Trevor A LAWRENCE 5 Shakesoeare Drive
Alexander McMILLAN 6 Shakesoeare Drive
George E PERKINS 7 Shakesoeare Drive
Eamon HOGAN 8 Shakesoeare Drive
Derek J PLOWMAN 9 Shakesoeare Drive
Kenneth MASON 10 Shakesoeare Drive
John C ORPIN 11 Shakesoeare Drive
Geoffrey L COX 13 Shakespeare Drive
Alan  SHAWCROFT 14 Shakespeare Drive
Harry DAWSON 15 Shakespeare Drive
Roy G HOCKEY 16 Shakespeare Drive
Leonard L LUCOCK 17 Shakespeare Drive
Christopher WRIGHT 18 Shakespeare Drive
Edward RICHARDSON 19 Shakespeare Drive
Russell A DICKENS 20 Shakespeare Drive
Reginald ABBOTT 22 Shakespeare Drive
Clifford STOKES 23 Shakespeare Drive
Peter STOKES 23 Shakespeare Drive
Edward J BETTS 1 South Avenue
Frank H SMITH 2 South Avenue
Joseph PERNAK 3 South Avenue
Wilfred JAMES 4 South Avenue
Margaret HALL 3 Spencer Street
Francis W BRINE 7 Spencer Strteet
William MATLOCK 9 Spencer Street
Peter H INCHLEY 11 Spencer Street
Mary A DAY 13 Spencer Street
Annie M FULLER 15 Spencer Street
William BATTY 17 Spencer Street
Leslie G NIX 19 Spencer Street
John STRUDWICK 20 Spencer Street
Sidney J BENNETT 21 Spencer Street
David A MOISEY 22 Spencer Street
John F COLES 23 Spencer Street
Peter BELL 24 Spencer Street
Beatrice F ELLIS 25 Spencer Street
William MUNDAY 26 Spencer Street
Maurice C BUCKBY 27 Spencer Street
John MAGUIRE 28 Spencer Street
Frank L ROOT 29 Spencer Street
Evelyn K WHITEMAN 30 Spencer Street
Alfred T GRANGER 31 Spencer Street
Brian T CHARLTON 32 Spencer Street
David COLES 33 Spencer Street
William PANTER 34 Spencer Street
Edith A MASH 35 Spencer Street
Raymond W DOWNING 37 Spencer Street
Edward PAYNE 39 Spencer Street
Peter A EVANS 41 Spencer Street
Frederick MILLING 43 Spencer Street
Phyllis E FREESTONE 45 Spencer Street
Arthur J FREESTONE 45 Spencer Street
George   LOAK 47 Spencer Street
Doris S DESBOROUGH 49 Spencer Street
Maurice   WINSALL 51 Spencer Street
Donald WHITMEE 53 Spencer Street
Kenneth W HARTHILL 55 Spencer Street
Patricia LEE 57 Spencer Street
Robert A SHORT 59 Spencer Street
Raymond S DAVIS 61 Spencer Street
John E HAYNES 63 Spencer Street
Frederick E MOISEY 65 Spencer Street
Frederick A LARDNER 1 Spinney Road
Geoffrey L Whitney 2 Spinney Road
Arthur W CARTER 3 Spinney Road
Jessie B MILLS 4 Spinney Road
Thomas H BASFORD 5 Spinney Road
Raymond BRIGGS 6 Spinney Road
Albert V LIGGINS 7 Spinney Road
Roy  ROBINSON 8 Spinney Road
Derrick COLES 9 Spinney Road
David WEBSTER 10 Spinney Road
Percival PAINTER 11 Spinney Road
Thomas E ARCHER 12 Spinney Road
William HOWE 13 Spinney Road
Frank FOX 14 Spinney Road
Vincent G TOSELAND 15 Spinney Road
Edward O YORK 16 Spinney Road
Donald D ARMSTRONG 17 Spinney Road
Colin A ROWNEY 18 Spinney Road
Bernard WRIGHT 19 Spinney Road
Anthony LAYNG 20 Spinney Road
Roger C PERKINS 21 Spinney Road
Mary  BIRNIE 22 Spinney Road
Frederick C WHITEMAN 23 Spinney Road
Leonard  WHEATON 24 Spinney Road
George L CRADDOCK 25 Spinney Road
Kitty M ALLATT 26 Spinney Road
Albert G NIBLETT 27 Spinney Road
Howard B NICHOLSON 28 Spinney Road
Sidney A HUGHES 29 Spinney Road
Frank E COOCH 31 Spinney Road
Albert E KARLEY 33 Spinney Road
Alan R MATTHEWS 35 Spinney Road
Noel E MURRELL 9 Station Road
Henry G ROGERS 11 Station Road
Ernest J SMITH 13 Station Road [Fishmonger]
Dennis COCKAYNE 15 Station Road
John E LOVEDAY 17 Station Road
Walter H SMITH 19 Station Road
Katharine COLES 20 Station Road
Herbert WRIGHT 21 Station Road
Dorothy GAMMIDGE 22 Station Road
Alfred E HENNESSY 23 Station Road
Peter J BREESE 24 Station Road
Joseph EATOCK 25 Station Road
Eva M CLIFFORD 26 Station Road
Robert J FOREMAN 27 Station Road
Reginald E NORTHERN 28 Station Road
Edward J CHAPMAN 30 Station Road
Florence HICKS 31 Station Road
Alfred DEW 32 Station Road
Lucy M AYRES 33 Station Road
Edith M CLEAVER 34 Station Road
Winnie LOVEDAY 35 Station Road
Albert E BUCKBY 36 Station Road
Arthur W BUCKBY 39 Station Road
Grahame H COOKE 40 Station Road
Alfred KEECH 42 Station Road
Henry T COX 44 Station Road
William C BATES 46 Station Road
Albert F KEIGHTLEY 47 Station Road
Ernest W SANDERSON 48 Station Road
Winnie EVANS 49 Station Road
Wilfred L BEEBY 50 Station Road
Cedric P BATES 51 Station Road
Joseph BURNLEY 52 Station Road
John   CHAMBERS 53 Station Road
Arthur V BULLEY 54 Station Road
Edith A MARCHANT 55 Station Road
Paul R STARMER 57 Station Road
James C LUTENER 58 Station Road
Harry S BARBER 59 Station Road
John NORTHERN 60 Station Road
Ralph E AVELING 61 Station Road
Oliver R BEACH 62 Station Road
Harold TAYLOR 63 Station Road
Olive L HODGKINS 64 Station Road
Michael F FARROW 65 Station Road
Edgar R SADDINGTON 66 Station Road
Charles E PATRICK 67 Station Road
Leslie C MUNDAY 68 Station Road
Dennis MILLER 69 Station Road [Shop]
Harry Y WALTERS 70 Station Road
Margery R WILKINSON 73 Station Road
Leslie H BETTS 75 Station Road
Doris  MUNDAY 77 Station Road
Rodney G CHENEY 79 Station Road
Colin P DOBSON 81 Station Road
Edna FREESTONE 83 Station Road
Eleanor LORD 85 Station Road
Ian D FINN 86 Station Road
Ivor W HERN 87 Station Road
Ernest J RANDALL 89 Station Road
Ada S BALDWIN 90 Station Road
Bernard A NOVILLE 90 Station Road
Gwendoline NOVILLE 90 Station Road
John T BUGBY 91 Station Road
Doris L LARDNER 92 Station Road
Phyllis E SADDINGTON 93 Station Road
Alan H SADDINGTON 93 Station Road
Evelyn V BONNICK 94 Station Road
Ernest SEALE 95 Station Road
Arthur C WHITTEMORE 96 Station Road
Frederick J TITE 97 Station Road
Kathleen KINGSLEY-JOHNSON 98 Station Road
Edward E BROWN 100 Station Road
Eric MASON 102 Station Road
Oscar JUDD 103 Station Road
Ronald F COLEMAN 104 Station Road
Neil L OSBORNE 105 Station Road
Arthur H ELLSON 106 Station Road
Frederick  WALKER 107 Station Road
Duncan C DOWNIE 108 Station Road
George H FLOWERS  109 Station Road
William R DUKES 110 Station Road
Paul W SMITH 111 Station Road
John ODELL 112 Station Road
Philip S HULL 113 Station Road
Dennis CROUCH 114 Station Road
Arthur S MILLER 116 Station Road
Roland E DACRE 117 Station Road
Edith E BARLOW 118 Station Road
Charles H DICKINSON 119 Station Road
Thomas E ROWE 120 Station Road
Roland A BARLOW 121 Station Road
William H PAYNTER  121A Station Road
Walter   STOKES 121B Station Road
Lawrence P PLOWMAN 122 Station Road
Robert F EDMUNDS 123 Station Road
Philip  CHILDS 124 Station Road
Dennis LONG 125 Station Road
John LANGLEY 126 Station Road
Charles W WHITNEY 127 Station Road
James H UNDERWOOD 128 Station Road
Joffre C NORTHERN 130 Station Road
John E COLEMAN 131 Station Road
Joseph J EVANS 132 Station Road
Francis J BUNYAN 134 Station Road
Cyril R LOVELL 135 Station Road
Edgar W ALMOND 136 Station Road
Alec J SWAIN 137 Station Road
Violet E BUCKEY 138 Station Road
Robert S WALKER 139 Station Road
Leonard OSBORNE 140 Station Road
Cedric T HANDY 141 Station Road
Wilfred  TAYLOR 142 Station Road
Frank E DEACON 143 Station Road
Thomas C CLEAVER 144 Station Road
Norman G KNIGHT 145 Station Road
Nigel ALMOND 146 Station Road
Frank  GARDNER 147 Station Road
Roy L BEEBY 148 Station Road
John W STURGESS 149 Station Road
Jack ORAM 150 Station Road
Walter O TAILBY 151 Station Road
Alfred E BROWN 152 Station Road
Terence A RALPH 154 Station Road
Wilfred P TAILBY 155 Station Road
Ralph HOBSON 156 Station Road
Albert E TAILBY 157 Station Road
Donald R BEWERS 158 Station Road
Frederick W GOODMAN 159 Station Road
James  STEWART 160 Station Road
Ernest L TILLEY 161 Station Road
Ronald  BROWN 162 Station Road
George A TAYLOR 163 Station Road
Arthur L GILBERT 164 Station Road
Colin G ABBOTT 165 Station Road
Ronald W JOHNSON 166 Station Road
Dennis W SMITH 167 Station Road
Dorothy HODSON 168 Station Road
William A BRACE 169 Station Road
Ernest E BRADBURY 170 Station Road
Robert T BOYLES 171 Station Road
Walter E HAYNES 172 Station Road
Alan  AUSTIN 173 Station Road
Maurice J DESBOROUGH 174 Station Road
Jan J DOHNALEK 176 Station Road
Stephen A LEWIS 177 Station Road
Colin   SMITH 178 Station Road
Edward  ALTHORPE 179 Station Road
Harry G FIRMIN 180 Station Road
William BLAND 181 Station Road
John A LEWIN 182 Station Road
Arthur G LIGGINS 184 Station Road
Benjamin CLEGG 186 Station Road
Patricia D BAKER 188 Station Road
Vera H HYDE 190 Station Road
Clive YORK 192 Station Road
Michael MOORE 194 Station Road
Michael G NIX 196 Station Road
Edwin J TAYLOR 198 Station Road
Herbert H BOXWELL 200 Station Road
Eric MILLS 202 Station Road
William J HANCOCK 204 Station Road
Basil W BULPITT 206 Station Road
Stuart C SYKES 208 Station Road
John H BLOTT 210 Station Road
Charles H SPRING 212 Station Road
Clive E PARSONS 214 Station Road
Kenneth G MADDOCKS 216 Station Road
Maurice E SMITH 218 Station Road
John R YOUNG 220 Station Road
Patrick L LOASBY 222 Station Road
Ronald J BOXWELL  224 Station Road
William REAY Bungalow Farm, Station Road
Stella REAY Bungalow Farm, Station Road
Wilfred L SCURR Constantia House, Station Rd
Arthur F MUTLOW Station House
Elizabeth HEMSTOCK 1 Thames Court
Sydney HEMSTOCK 1 Thames Court
Archibald SHANKS 2 Thames Court
Robert W HOLLAND 3 Thames Court
George C LYON 4 Thames Court
Richard A HUMPHREY 5 Thames Court
Richard  PHILLIPS 6 Thames Court
Peter R WARNER 7 Thames Court
John T WALKER 8 Thames Court
Geoffrey C SELSTON 9 Thames Court
Thomas C ROGERS 11 Thames Couret
Ronald W BILLINGTON 13 Thames Court
Geoffrey C BASTIN 14 Thames Court
Michael E BLISS 15 Thames Court
Peter W MANNING 16 Thames Court
Edwin J MALE 1 Trent Crescent
John C AYRE 2 Trent Crescent
Kenneth T OWENS 3 Trent Crescent
Barry WHITE 4 Trent Crescent
Harry  SWEET 5 Trent Crescent
David G HUNNABLE 9 Trent Crescent
Dennis   HORGAN 10 Trent Crescent
David M DOBBINSON 13 Trent Crescent
Stephen R HORNBUCKLE 15 Trent Crescent
Stanley ROSE 17 Trent Crescent
Robert P MILLS 19 Trent Crescent
Andrew T COLES 2 Victoria Street
Roy WALKER 4 Victoria Street
Ernest J YORK 6 Victoria Street
Clara MASON 8 Victoria Street
Charles  NEAL 10 Victoria Street
Thomas   BUSWELL 12 Victoria Street
Walter   ANDREWS 14 Victoria Street
Philip G QUINCEY 16 Victoria Street
Agnes HENSMAN 18 Victoria Street
Frederick W COPE 19 Victoria Street
George T TAYLOR 23 Victoria Street
John A SCOTT 25 Victoria Street
Albert T COLES 27 Victoria Street
John H PAINTER 29 Victoria Street
Robert J COOPER 31 Victoria Street
Charles W FENTON 33 Victoria Street
Thomas V JONES 35 Victoria Street
Alan E REYNOLDS 37 Victoria Street
Allan E CARTWRIGHT 39 Victoria Street
Gilbert FEARNLEY 1 Welland Court
Thomas B SUTTON 2 Welland Court
David E CHENEY 3 Welland Court
Derek COOPER 4 Welland Court
George R THORNTON-LANE 5 Welland Court
Rex J MILLS 6 Welland Court
Raymond TIMPSON 7 Welland Court
Brian J HARGRAVE 9 Welland Court
Derek C STYMAN 10 Welland Court
David J ROGERS 11 Welland Court
Allan A WILSON 12 Welland Court
William HUNTER 13 Welland Court
Trevor JONES 15 Welland Court
William LAW 1 West Avenue
Ronald L HAYWARD 2 West Avenue
William S HARWOOD 3 West Avenue
Beatrice M PENNEY 4 West Avenue
Harold SMITH 5 West Avenue
Eric A HAYWARD 6 West Avenue
John W GOODE 7 West Avenue
John W SPRIGGS 8 West Avenue
Ian SPRIGGS 8 West Avenue
Arthur J BLANDFORD 9 West Avenue
Peter F HAMMOND 10 West Avenue
Douglas A DENT 11 West Avenue
Michael J SHATFORD 12 West Avenue
Walter G NEVILLE 13 West Avenue
Harold STALEY 14 West Avenue
Herbert DESBOROUGH 15 West Avenue
Grant A RIDGWAY 16 West Avenue
Albert  EDWARDS 17 West Avenue
Frederick W KNIGHTON 18 West Avenue
William WALTERS 19 West Avenue
George W WHITE 20 West Avenue
Thomas HEBSON 21 West Avenue
Horace G YORK 22 West Avenue
Edwin T McGEORGE 23 West Avenue
Laurence S BRANAGHAN 24 West Avenue
George FLETCHER 25 West Avenue
Ralph MAYES 26 West Avenue
Lucy M MORGAN 27 West Avenue
Brenda HULL 28 West Avenue
Patrick BENNETT 29 West Avenue
Charles E SANDERS 30 West Avenue
Wendy BERRILL 31 West Avenue
John S DESBOROUGH 32 West Avenue
Arthur W GROOM 33 West Avenue
Dennis F CRICK 35 West Avenue
Philip J MASON 1 Whitney Road
John H NORTHERN 2 Whitney Road
Henry C BERWICK 3 Whitney Road
James R YEARSLEY 4 Whitney Road
Kenneth  GUNN 5 Whitney Road
Dorothy HOWARD 6 Whitney Road
Charles BRAY 7 Whitney Road
Maurice J TYLER 8 Whitney Road
Herbert J HAYWARD 9 Whitney Road
Wilfred LOAK 10 Whitney Road
Bernard E TWELVETREE 11 Whitney Road
Eric F STOKES 12 Whitney Road
Lorenza P PERRETT 13 Whitney Road
Raymond R BRITTEN 15 Whitney Road
Florence M DRAGE 17 Whitney Road
Jesse A THOMPSON 19 Whitney Road
Elizabeth A BRYAN 21 Whitney Road
William A PALMER 23 Whitney Road
Stewart T CLARKE 25 Whitney Road
James E CORMACK 27 Whitney Road
John M JOHNSON 28 Whitney Road
Arthur W WARD 29 Whitney Road
Gordon C KILSBY 30 Whitney Road
Frank R BELLAMY 31 Whitney Road
Edward T AMBLER 32 Whitney Road
Leslie R LOAKES 33 Whitney Road
Douglas J LOAK 34 Whitney Road
Robert M RUDD 35 Whitney Road
Cyril LEWIS 36 Whitney Road
Trevor T SHARMAN 37 Whitney Road
Cyril F WHITMEE 38 Whitney Road
Horace A COLE 39 Whitney Road
John W HODSON 40 Whitney Road
Lewis A SHARMAN 41 Whitney Road
Richard LEWIS 42 Whitney Road
Frederick A SHRIVE 43 Whitney Road
Isaac W WATTS 44 Whitney Road
Edgar DONE 45 Whitney Road
William ABBOTT 46 Whitney Road
Rodney P CARVELL 47 Whitney Road
Marcus WILLIAMS 48 Whitney Road
George F SMITH 49 Whitney Road
Florence A CLIPSON 52 Whitney Road
Percy COPSON 54 Whitney Road
Michael   COLEMAN 56 Whitney Road
Leonard A THOMPSON 58 Whitney Road
Reginald B THOMPSON 60 Whitney Road
John PALMER 1 William Street
George W BRAINES 13 William Street
Agnes S BROOKS 15 William Street
Edgar L SADDINGTON 17 William Street
John W CRADDOCK 19 William Street
Ada E COOK 20 William Street
Harry T WHITNEY 21 William Street
Irene Marjorie MASON 22 William Street
George C BORMAN 23 William Street
Alfred E STREATHER 28 William Street
Clint THOMPSON 30 William Street
Albert D GIBBS 1 Agricultural Cotts, Wold Road 
Michael G CULVERHOUSE 2 Agricultural Cotts, Wold Road 
John W DOWNES Wold Lodge
Robert D CORNEY Round House
Ivy E STICKLER 1 Woodcock Street
George W JENKINS 13 Woodcock Street
Frank  MALIN 15 Woodcock Street
Charles TILLEY 17 Woodcock Street
Francis A KEY 19 Woodcock Street
John W BRAMALL 21 Woodcock Street
Charles T PALMER 25 Woodcock Street
Kate BYLAND 23 Woodcock Street
Edna L BROUGHTON 1 Woodland Drive
Frank R ELLIOTT 2 Woodland Drive
Aubrey G MAWBY 3 Woodland Drive
Donald S ESSAM 4 Woodland Drive
Jeanette M ESSAM 4 Woodland Drive
Albert THORNTON 5 Woodland Drive
Leslie A LOVELL 6 Woodland Drive
Herbert T LOAK 7 Woodland Drive
Graham M CHAMBERLAIN 8 Woodland Drive
Ivor F WHITEMAN 9 Woodland Drive
Thomas BATES 10 Woodland Drive
Jan TAJZLER 11 Woodland Drive
Keith A WOODLANDS 12 Woodland Drive
Walter J LOVELL 14 Woodland Drive
Frederick E WELLS 16 Woodland Drive
Gerald D FARROW 18 Woodland Drive
Alfred W LEWIS 20 Woodland Drive
William H HOWARD 22 Woodland Drive
Joseph A JOHNSON 24 Woodland Drive
Frederick W PRESTED 26 Woodland Drive
Keith R RICHARDS 28 Woodland Drive
Aubrey I DOWNING 30 Woodland Drive
Roy F BUTLIN 32 Woodland Drive

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