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Kelly's Directory, 1931

Thomas Wilfred Harpur, BA Frank Barlow,left, butcher and chairman ofBLUDC Rev H.T.A. Edwards, Rector
Thomas Wilfred Harpur, BA,
Lord of the Manor
Frank Barlow,left, butcher and chairman of
Burton Latimer Urban District Council
H T A Edwards MA
Note: Kelly's Directory listings cover Residential as well as Commercial entries. Hence for residential listings there are no further details given

First Name Surname/Name Location (where given) Details (where given)
Thomas Wilfred HARPUR The Hall BA, Lord of the Manor
Henry Theo Augustus EDWARDS Rev The Rectory MA, Rector
Frank BARLOW   Chairman, UDC
H AYRES   Councillor UDC
A BARLOW   Councillor UDC
W BATTY   Councillor UDC
A C HARRIS   Vice-chairman UDC
S MASON   Councillor UDC
A G MILLER   Councillor UDC
J W PATRICK   Councillor UDC
R B POWNALL   Councillor UDC
Oliver TAILBY The Yews Councillor UDC
J E TAYLOR   Councillor UDC
Edwin Lloyd WARNER Osborne House MD,DPH,Medical Officer to UDC
G C BORMAN   Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector UDC  
R N DAVIES   Collector UDC
Herbert S STOKES   Carrier to Kettering
George Henry TAILBY   Carrier to Kettering,Finedon & North'ton
Wilfred AMBLER Netherfield  
Alfred BARLOW Broadview  
J P BRODIE 164 High Street Dentist  
William Alfred CLARK The Limes  
J Wallace COLES Holmfield  
Frederick William DAWES Jassamine House  
Albert Ernest FOX Crafnant  
Robin G GREEN The Manor House  
Mrs HOLLANDS Fernbank  
Mrs PRESTON The Poplars  
Frederick SHORTLAND Rosebank  
Joseph WESTLEY Beechwood  
Henry WHITNEY Glenroy  
Frederick T ABBOTT   Shoe repairer
John ABBOTT   Farmer
Herbert AYRES Station Road Secretary Ancient Order of Foresters
William Walter ATTFIELD   Farmer
  BALL & CAPPS   Builders
Arthur PATRICK   Secretary Band Club & Institute
  BARCLAYS BANK LTD.   Open daily 10-12.30 Sat 10-11.45 Tel:13
Alfred BARLOW   Grocer Tel: 12
Frank BARLOW   Butcher
W BATTY & SON   Leather dressers Tel: 5
Oliver J BENFORD   Hairdresser
Charles Archie BENNETT   M.P.S. Chemist
William Stephen BLAKE   Smith
James MEADS   Secretary Britannia WMC
Agnes BROOKS Mrs   District Nurse
Horace S BROWN   Shopkeeper
William John C BROWN   Plumber
  BUCKBY BROS   Boot & shoe manufacturers Tel: 10
Harry BUCKBY     Confectioner
James BULL   Boot & shoe repairer
G J TALBUTT   Secretary BL Conservative Club
W HARWOOD High Street Secretary BL Gas Co Ltd
Thomas Edward CABORN   Fruiterer
T W TW CAPPS & CO   Builders
Agnes CAPPS Miss   Grocer
James CAPPS   Baker
Robert Arthur CARVELL   Shopkeeper
Mabel CHAMBERLAIN Mrs   Confectioner
Winifred CHARLES Mrs   Stationer
Eva CLARK Mrs   Confectioner
Fred CLARKE   Motor engineer
E A COLES   Confectioner
Henry COLEMAN Waggon & Horses PH [Publican]
Sidney COLEMAN   Engineer Tel: 16
  THE COLES BOOT CO. LTD.   Boot manufacturers Tel: 9
Alfred COLES 5 High Street Hairdresser
Daniel CONGREVE High Street Confectioner
Edward CONQUEST   Painter
Albert   COOK   House decorator
George Wilfred CURRIN   Beer retailer
Albert Sharman DENTON   Farmer
Charles Frederick DOWNING   Farmer
George William DOWNING 6 Kettering Road Beer retailer
George William DOWNING   Farmer
Herbert William EADY Dukes Arms PH [Publican]
James EADY   Shopkeeper
Arthur James EAVES   Fried fish dealer
  ELLIS & EVERARD LTD.   Coal merchants
Frederick Herbert ELLIS     Beer retailer
William ELMORE   Butcher
Frederick EVANS   Boot repairer
Andrew CONROY   Secretary Finedon Street WMC
  FOX BROS   Leather factors
Herbert GENT Acre Lodge Farmer
William GILLIATT   Farmer
Joseph E GOODMAN Red Cow PH [Publican]
C E & H B GROOME LTD Finedon Road Leather manufacturers
George HANCOCK   Insurance agent
Richard HARPUR Mrs Barton Hill Poultry farmer Tel: 31
Richard G HARPUR   Barton Hill Dog Breeder
  HART & LEVY LTD   Clothing manufacturers Tel: 17
  HAYNES BROS   Drapers
Percy E HERBERT   Coal dealer
Leslie HODSON   Boot manufacturer
Vincent HOLLANDS Hilly Farm Farmer
Ruth HOWLETT Mrs   Draper
  IDEAL CLOTHIERS Ltd   Clothing manufacturers Tel: 7 
Frederick ILLIFFE   Registrar of Births & Deaths
Alfred F KEACH   Painter
  KETTERING CO-OP CLOTHING CO. LTD.   Wholesale clothiers
  KNIGHT Horse & Groom PH [Publican]
  THE LATIMER SHOE COMPANY   Boot & shoe manufacturers
Frederick LAW   Dentist (Attends Thurs)
A P LEWIS & SONS LTD   Builders Tel: 39
A LOAKE & SON   Hauliers
Charles LOVEDAY & SON   Saddlers
Ada MASON Mrs   General dealer
Albert James MASON     Carpenter
George MASON   Motor engineer
William MEADS   Dairyman
A G MILLER LTD   Plumbers Tel: 23
Arthur T MILLER     ALCM. Music teacher
Mary MILLER Mrs   Beer retailer
Tom MILLER   Newsagent
Frederick Charles MUNDAY   Shopkeeper
  NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK LTD.   Open Tues & Fri 12.30 - 2.30
Charles NEAL Wold Lodge Farmer
Thomas   NORTON   Baker
A PALMER   Butcher
Emma PAPWORTH Mrs   Shopkeeper
Frederick H  PARTRIDGE   Baker
Percy   PENN   Hairdresser
Mary Mabel PIPER Mrs   Shopkeeper
Walter St Dominic PIPER     Undertaker
Richard B POWNALL   Baker
John SADDINGTON   Chimney sweep
  SHARMAN  BARRATT (WM SHARMAN) 54 Alexandra Street Waterproof cover maker
  SHARMAN  BARRATT (WM SHARMAN) William Street Works Waterproof cover maker Tel: 15
John SKEVINGTON   Hairdresser
Frank SMITH   Furniture dealer
George SMITH   Baker
Thomas SMITH   Blacksmith
Rosana STOCKTON Mrs   Shopkeeper
Arthur John STOKES   Teacher of Music
George Alfred TALBUTT 30 Cranford Road Shopkeeper
Sarah STOKES Mrs   Confectioner
William Thomas STOPPS   Farmer
Joseph Hugh STURGESS   Billiard Hall
Wilfred STURGESS   Baker
Florence STURMAN Mrs   Draper 
Cyril SWANN   Hairdresser
Francis Walter TAILBY   Boot repairer
A J TARRANT & CO   Electrical engineers
TIMSON & SON   Omnibus proprietors Tel: 32
  TURNER & SON   China & glass dealers
Hilda TURNER Miss   Wool repository
  WACKS & SPEEDWELL Meeting Lane Clothing manufacturers
Frederick WALLIS   Farmer
Joseph WALLIS   Shopkeeper
Frederick WALSH   Beer retailer
Alfred WARD   Motor engineer
  WARNER & BEAUMONT Osborne House Doctors Tel: 25
Frances Sophia WHITE   Shopkeeper
  WHITNEY & WESTLEY LTD   Boot & shoe manufacturers Tel: 3
A J WITTERING & CO   Hardware dealers
Harry YEOMANS   Shopkeeper

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