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Kelly's Directory, 1910

Cllr.Charles Barlow J.P. Col. George H. Champion de Crespingy J.P. Mr. Frederick Walter Preston J.P.
County, District & Parish Cllr.
Charles Barlow of "The Yews"
Grocer, farmer and brickmaker
Col. George H Champion-de-Crespingy
of Burton Latimer Hall
Mr Frederick W. Preston
of "The Poplars"
Managing Director Kettering Furnaces
Burton Latimer's
Justices of the Peace - 1910
Note: Kelly's Directory listings cover Residential as well as Commercial entries. Hence for residential listings there are no further details given

Forename Surname Abode Other details
Elizabeth ABBOTT Mrs   Shopkeeper
Joseph ALLEN   Beer retailer
Thomas ALLEN   Dairyman
  ALLIANCE MEAT Co   Butchers
Thomas AMBLER    
  ATTENBORO & TIMMS   Ironstome proprietors
William Walter ATTFIELD   Farmer
Frederick George BALL Horse & Groom P H Publican
Charles BARLOW The Yews Justice of the Peace
Charles BARLOW   Grocer & Brick & Tile maker
  BARLOW & SON   Butchers
William BEALE   Constable in charge
  BL BAND CLUB & INSTITUTE   Arthur Patrick Sec BL Band Club & Institute
  BL WORKING MENS CLUB   Secretary - T Janes
Stephen BLAKE   Smith
John BLAND   Carrier from The Crown W'boro Wed & Sat
William BLAXLEY   Butcher
Edward BLOTT   Butcher
Joseph BOARDMAN   Master Mixed School [C of E]
Herbert BOULTON   Miller (steam)
  BRITANNIA CLUB   Secretary - John Knight
William John C BROWN   Plumber
T John BROWNING   Manager Cottage Homes
M H BROWNING Mrs Cottage Homes Foster mother
Harry BUCKBY 2/4 Kettering Rd Confectioner
  BUCKBY Bros   Boot & shoe manufacturers
Philip BUGBY   Blacksmith
Herbert BURLAND   MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond
Herbert BURLAND, Dr.   Medical officer - Cottage Homes
Thomas S BURROS Rev   Baptist Minister
  BURTON LATIMER GAS COMPANY High Street W J Newman - Secretary & manager
Charles CAPPS   Shopkeeper
  CAPPS & KEACH   Builders & Contractors
James CAPPS & Son   Butchers
George Harrison CHAMPION DE CRESPINGY The Hall Lieutenant Colonel, J P
Henry CHAPMAN 102 High Street Grocer
Winifred Amelia CHARLES Mrs   Shopkeeper & Post office
William Henry CLARK Dukes Arms PH Publican
Henry COLEMAN Waggon & Horses PH Publican
Isaac COLES   Carrier to Wellingbro & Kettering
J Wallace COLES Holmfield  
Isaac COLES   Carrier
  COLES BOOT CO. LTD.   Boot manufacturers
Albert COOK   Shopkeeper
  COTTAGE HOMES High Street J Browning Supt Mrs M H Browning Foster mother
George Wilfred CURRIN   Beer retailer
Frederick William DICKS   Tailor & Town crier
Frederick DOWNING   Farmer
Thomas DOWNING   Carpenter
William DOWNING   Beer retailer
Edmund DRAGE   Hairdresser
Elizabeth DREW Miss   Mistress Infants School [C of E]
James EADY   Shopkeeper
  ELLIS & EVERARD LTD. Burton Latimer Station Coal merchants
G FOURT   Sec Church Institute
Sarah E FOWLER Miss   Dressmaker
Ada L FOWLER Miss   Dressmaker
  FOX & PERKINS 100 High Street Boot makers Retail
Elizabeth FOX Mrs   Provision dealer
Thomas George FRASER   Mgr Northants Union Bank Ltd
Frank GALE   Shopkeeper
Charles GILBY   Hairdresser
Charles GOSSAGE & SON   Dairy
Margaret GROSS Miss   Mistress Infants Sch [Non-con]
Thomas Teesdale HALL   Mgr Stamford,Spalding,Boston bank - open Sat
George HANCOCK   Insurance Agent
Miss HARPUR Fernbank  
Thomas Wilfred HARPUR Hardwick House Lord of the Manor
Thomas Arthur Ball HARRIS    
Archibald C HARRIS   Master Mxd & Inf Sch [Non-con]
A C HARRIS   Captain, Fire Station
Thomas Arthur Ball HARRIS   LRCP, LRCS Edin, LFP&S Surgeon
James HART   Farmer also at Cranford Wood Lodge & Glebe.
  HART & LEVY Ltd   Clothing manufacturers
  HAYNES Bros   Grocers & Drapers
  IDEAL CLOTHIERS Ltd   Clothing manufacturers…
Thomas ISSITT   Shopkeeper
Wm Baldwin JACQUES Rev Rectory  
David JAMES Rosebank  
T JANES   Sec BL Working Mens Club
  KETTERING COOP CLOTHING CO LTD   Clothing Co Ltd Wholesale clothiers
Alfred KILBORN   Shopkeeper
John KNIGHT   Sec Britannia WMC
Emma LEE Mrs   Shopkeeper
Albert LOAK   Chimney sweep
Jonathan LONGBOTHAM   Farmer
Charles LOVEDAY & SON   Saddlers
Ada MASON Mrs   Grindery dealer
John MEADOWS   Coal merchant
Arthur Gambrell MILLER   Plumber
Frederick MILLER Thatchers Arms Beer retailer
Henry MONK   Baker
Mrs NEWMAN Ashwell House  
W J NEWMAN High Street Sec & Mgr BL Gas Co
William James NEWMAN   Plumber
W Albert NICHOLS   Picture frame maker
Lucy NORTHERN Mrs   Shopkeeper
Frederick NORTON   Baker
William NORTON Red Cow PH Publican
F S PALMER   School attendance Officer
Ralph W PALMER   ARCO, Teacher of Music
Arthur PATRICK   Sec Band Club & Institute
Mark PAYNE   Shopkeeper
Harold Philipson PHILLIPS Rev   Curate
Herbert Arthur POPHAM   Tailor
Richard B POWNALL   Baker
Frederick Walter PRESTON The Poplars Justice of the Peace
John SKEVINGTON   Hairdresser
Frank SMITH   Confectioner
George SMITH   Baker
Samuel D SMITH   Blacksmith
John F STANBURY   Tailor
Herbert S STOKES   Carrier to Kettering daily
F W STOKES   Clerk to the Parish Council
Frederick William STOKES   Rate&Tax Coll, Asst. Overseer, Parish Council Clerk
  SUDBOROUGH & EADY   Boot & shoe manufacturers
James TALBUTT   Baker
Eben TAYLOR   Boot & shoe maker - Retail
  TOMLIN   Carrier from Campbell Sq N'Ton Thu & Fri
E A TOOKEY   Mistress Finedon Rd Inf [C of E]
Frederick TURNER   China and Glass dealer
James Aspin WALLIS Isebank  
Joseph WALLIS   Fried fish dealer
  WALLIS & LINNELL   Clothing manufacturers
T & J WALLIS LTD Burton Latimer Mills Miller(steam),Corn,Cake,Seed Merchant
J H WARD   Sec BL Liberal Club
Albert WARD   Cycle maker
  WARD'S CLOTHING CO.   Wholesale clothiers
Joseph WESTLEY Beechwood  
Joseph WESTLEY   see Whitney & Westley
Frances WHITE Mrs   Draper & milliner
Henry WHITNEY Glenroy  
  WHITNEY &  WESTLEY   Boot & Shoe manufacturers
Thomas Richard WILKES   Registrar of Births & Deaths, Relieving Officer
Caroline WILKES Miss   Deputy Registrar of Births & Deaths
Charles A WILSON   Teacher of Music

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