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Kelly's Directory, 1898

Forename(s) Surname Abode Other details
Joseph ALLEN   Beer retailer
Thomas AMBLER   Coal merchant
James AMBLER Mrs   Baker
Walter ATTFIELD   Farmer
Henry AYRES   Grocer & butcher
Walter Henry AYRES   Butcher
Austin John BALL Holmfield House Builder & contractor
Frederick George BALL   Shopkeeper
Charles BARLOW   Grocer & brick manufacturer
Walter Brown BELL   Miller (steam)
Thomas BIRD   Manager Burton Ironstone Co Ltd
Stephen BLAKE   Smith
John BLAND   Carrier
Edward BLOTT   Butcher
Joseph BOARDMAN   Head, Mixed School [C of E] & Sec Church Institute
John BROWNING Cottage Homes Manager
Henry BUCKBY   Confectioner
Herbert BURLAND Dr   Surgery Mon, Wed & Sat 2.30-5pm
John George CAVE   Miller (wind)
Henry CHAPMAN   Grocer
Tom CLARK   Cycle maker
Frederick CLIPSON   Chimney sweeper
Thomas COLLINGS The Limes  
William COOK   Insurance agent
George Wilford CURRIN Police station Constable in charge
Frederick William DICKS & CO   Tailors
Alfred DOWNING   Farmer
George William DOWNING   Plumber
Elizabeth DOWNING Mrs   Carpenter
John Cook EADY   Farmer
Jesse FOX Horse & Groom  
Elizabeth FOX Mrs   Provision dealer
Thomas George FRASER   Mgr Sub-branch Northamptonshire Union Bank Ltd
John William GROSS Glebe Farm Farmer & grazier
Henry HADDON   Secretary Co-op Boot & Shoe Manufacturers Society
Miss HARPUR Fernbank  
Henry HARPUR Rev   Lord of the Manor
  HART & LEVY   Clothing manufacturers
Samuel HENMAN   Parish clerk & shoemaker
William Henry HENSON   Plumber, glazier, gas fitter, painter & decorator
William HOBBS   Tailor
William Baldwin JACQUES Rev Rectory  
David JAMES   Grocer & draper
John KNIGHT Britannia W M C Secretary
Ernest John LAMBERT   Newsagent, Post Office
George Charles LEADER   Baptist Minister
Lydia LEWIS Mrs Waggon & Horses  
Charles LOVEDAY   Saddler
W W J MANSBRIDGE   County Councillor
Mark MASON   Grindery dealer
Elizabeth MASON Mrs   Shopkeeper
Frederick MILLER   Beer retailer
William NEAL   Boot & shoe maker
William Fitzroy NEILSON   Mgr Agency Stamford Spalding & Boston Bank Co Ltd
Robert NELSON   Hairdresser
Elizabeth Phoebe NEWMAN Mrs Dukes Arms  
Samuel NORTHERN   Butcher
William NORTHERN   Boot & shoe agent
Frederick NORTON   Baker
William NORTON Red Cow  
James Blowfield NUTT   Clerk to Parish Council, Rent, Rates & Tax collector
James OSBORNE   Farmer
Frederick Walter PRESTON The Poplars  
Harold PRIESTLAND Rev   Curate
Emily QUINCEY Mrs   Butcher
John Barnaby SARGEAUNT Mrs    
Elias SMITH   Butcher
Samuel SMITH   Blacksmith
Mary Ann STALKER Mrs   Head, Infants School [C of E]
Thomas STOKES   Carrier
Alfred TAILBY   Manager Co-operative Stores
James TALBUTT   Baker
Thomas TAPSELL Burton Latimer Coffee House Manager
Ebenezer TAYLOR   Boot & shoe maker
Mrs VILLIERS The Hall  
  WALLIS & LINNELL   Clothing manufacturers
  WALLIS BROS   Boot & shoe manufacturers
Francis Thomas WEST   Draper
Joseph WESTLEY   Whitney & Westley
Joseph WHITNEY Burton Latimer WMC Manager
  WHITNEY & WESTLEY   Boot & shoe manufacturers
George WILSON   Shopkeeper
John Lovell WRIGHT   Water miller

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