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Extracts from Church School Logbooks, compiled by Douglas Ashby in 2001 and transcribed by Margaret Craddock

Extracts from Burton Latimer
Church School
Log Books 1865-7

15-Jan Visit of HM School Inspector - Report dated Feb 27th 1865.
"The Religious Instruction was not satisfactory, but few children could answer the simplest questions. The standard in other subjects was also very low considering the age of many of the children. All that can be said in favour of the school is that the children are clean and orderly. The buildings have been . . . since last year, but the walls inside require to be washed and the ceiling wants repair."
26-Jan Deep snow, 19 children present in the morning, 24 in the afternoon.  (Deep snow continued all through February until the 24th when the afternoon was very wet.)
07-Mar Very fine day – good attendance.
12-May Examined the children this week, found them dreadfully backward in Religious Knowledge not more than two girls in the whole school could say their Catechism, also very backward in arithmetic.
14-Jun Frederick Bale, one of the infants died.
19-Jun Children began to learn and sing the piece “Oh where and Oh where are my pretty swallows gone.”
23-Jun Several children absent from school this week on account of having Scarletina. (Scarlet Fever)
10-Jul Scarletina still prevailing among the children, Nellie Buckby died today from its effects.
25-Jul School very small this afternoon on account of the Methodists having their Tea meeting.
02-Aug Frank Bale another of the schoolchildren, died today from Scarletina.
19-Jan Mr Newman (curate) sent oranges to all who were present yesterday.
25-Jan Nothing unusual occurred. 29 Jan - A smaller attendance than usual owing to six boys leaving and going to the Boy’s school.
31-Jan Dismissed early as the school was wanted for a Sunday School treat in the evening.
03-Feb HM School’s Inspector – Report – “The state of the school is not satisfactory.”
05-Feb Sixteen of the older girls today went to the Boy’s School which is now to be a “mixed school”, the girls coming to the infants school in the afternoon for needlework.
14-Feb Morning – As it was Ash Wednesday, 23 of the biggest children went to church.  Afternoon – half holiday.
19-Feb Miss Harper came in and heard the first class infants read and then read to the older girls while they worked
23-Feb A great many children late so they were kept in.
08-Mar Afternoon – A great many children absent on account of a funeral.
13-Mar Six girls came late and were very naughty.  They had to stay in.
21-Mar A new lobby in which the children are to hang their caps and hats was commenced.
22-Mar Children came at a quarter to two on account of a funeral.
23-Mar Day appointed for the special services on account of the Cattle Plague.
09-Apr Recommenced after Easter Holiday.  The new lobby was used for the first time.
25-Apr Taught the children to sing “I’m very glad that Spring has come.”
30-Apr A very small attendance owing to the children going out to get flowers for their May garlands.
01-May Very wet – small attendance in consequence of the children going round with their “May Shows.”
04-May A very small attendance and large numbers of the children going out to pick cowslips.
05-Jun One of the elder girls has been disobedient – several times, so this afternoon I told her to take her hat and go home – she was impertinent and I punished her, upon which she turned round and was very impudent.  I put her out of the lobby and sent her home – her mother soon made her appearance and was very violent.
17-Jul Half holiday on account of the “Rural Tea” in aid of the Church Restoration Fund.
20-Jul Half holiday on account of the Sunday School Treat.
13-Aug Not such a good attendance as the Harvest has commenced.
16-Aug Very small attendance – children nearly all gone gleaning.  Left school for the Harvest holidays.
01-Oct Several children came who had not been for some time.
25-Oct A very wet day, children came in very slowly.
11-Jan The attendance has not been good this week, several of the younger ones have left for the winter.
05-Feb I sent home some children whose mothers have the measles.
28-Mar One of the girls did her work very badly and when reproved she was very saucy so she was kept in until nearly 5.
07-Aug Several children away with whooping cough.
23-Sep Recommenced school – attendance not very good as the gleaning is scarcely done.
09-Oct Miss Mary Everett with Master Charles Newman and Miss Newman (Curate’s children) visited the school.
14-Oct The whooping cough which has kept so many younger children away seems to be getting better – consequently attendance improves.
28-Oct The mother of one of the children came to the school to bring her boy – he had played truant for a week, and spent his school money.  He was kept in as a punishment.
05-Nov Henry and George Dunkley left school as they were going to the Union Workhouse.
14-Nov The Revd T Bartlett (Rector) and Revd F B Newman (Curate) and Major Stevens visited the school – some boys had been chalking on Mr Bartlett’s gate – the offenders were reprimanded and told not to do it again.
18-Nov Revd T and Mrs Bartlett visited the school – George Mason had again chalked on Mr Bartlett’s gate and as a punishment he was dismissed for a month.
02-Nov As the children have got into the habit of coming late in the afternoon I gave notice that anyone so doing should stay in – six children were detained this afternoon for this offence.
27-Nov Four children kept in for being late.  Alice Downing (one of the older girls) played truant.
11-Dec Very cold and snowy only 57 present.  As the weather has been bad lately there has been a great many children staying to dinner.  Some of the older girls have been very mischievous and one has broken a window during the dinner hour – I have therefore been obliged to forbid the older girls to bring their dinner to school – until they learn to behave properly.
18-Dec A girl named Charlotte Mason came to school at half past nine – I sent her home again.
19-Dec Four children were detained in the afternoon as they had been disobedient.

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