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John Meads 2016
St. Mary's C of E School Outing
To London - June 1953

Woolworths Oxford St Coronation decorations Whitehall's Coronation decorations
Woolworths, Oxford Street, with its Coronation decorations - photo courtesy
Woolworths Museum website
Whitehall, part of the Coronation route taken by the buses from St. Mary's School.
Photo courtesy of Ben Brooksbank

St. Mary's Church School organised an outing to London on 10th June 1953, just over a week after the Coronation had taken place, to give pupils and parents an opportunity to tour the route that the Coronation procession had taken to see the highly decorated streets, shops and business premises that remained in place for several weeks after the event. A booklet was issued to each parent or guardian that accompanied a pupil, the contents of which are shown below. Has anyone got photographs or memories of this outing they could share with us?

Map for St Mary's school trip to London

A booklet of instructions was given to
parents or guardians prior to the London

Parent/Guardian …………………………

You are in ………………………………’s Party

You are in …………………………… ‘s Group

Bus No: …………………

Mid-morning milk will provided for children

Bring your own lunch and drink. Write
your name on the l
unch bag.

Your teatime meal will be completely

There will be minerals and a ittle snack on
the way home (no extra charge.)

The map opposite shows the Tower of
London a
nd the restaurant where we have


  Be punctual: don’t keep others


  Be tidy: don’t leave litter about.

  Bring a raincoat: better be

  safe than sorry.

  Go to bed early the night before.

  Wear your badge.

  Be on your best behaviour: 

  Be a credit to your school.

  First Aid will be carried in

  No: 1 Bus

Coronation procession map 1953 Programme

7.45 a.m. PROMPT Leave School Break of 15 mins. ONLY on Journey. We hope to pass Alexandra Palace (TV) and through Rotherhithe Tunnel (under R. Thames.)

11 a.m. (about) Arrive Tower of London. Go to see Crown Jewels (Wakefield Tower) at once. Then picnic lunch by Riverside.

12.20 p.m. (Time permitting) Teachers will show parties over the White Tower.

1 p.m. PROMPT Buses leave the Tower for tour of the Coronation Route, shown By bright colours on the map opposite.

3.30 p.m. Tea at St. Sepulchre’s L.C.C. Restaurant Giltspur St. E.C.1 Please return to buses as soon as tea is finished. . 4.10 p.m. (about) Buses leave Restaurant for London Zoo (Regents Park) About 2 hours at the zoo.

6.30 p.m. PROMPT Leave zoo for home.

9.30 p.m. (about) Arrive Burton Latimer

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