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John Meads 2010


Christmas Term 1947

From "The Acorn" - February 1948

The last week of Christmas term was crowded with pleasurable events. Monday evening the children of classes 6 and 7 had their Christmas Tree Party. Tuesday, classes 5 and 4 enjoyed themselves in a similar manner. Wednesday evening the Senior School Party was thoroughly enjoyed with old and modern dances and games. Thursday afternoon the whole School was entertained with a variety concert given chiefly by Class 6 pupils, but assisted by a few from each of the other classes.

This was the first concert of its kind given by the present pupils. The stand­ard of performance was very good, par­ticularly when it must be remembered that most of the rehearsing was done in spare time. The training and organising was largely due to the children's own efforts with a last few days polishing up done by Mr. Cable.

The variety of items contributed greatly to the sustained interest of the audience just as much as the enthusiasm of the players themselves. Both playlets were well done by the players. Their imagina­tion and initiative managed to overcome, to a certain extent, the problem of costumes and properties. Both comedies produced hearty laughter from the audience.

The singing, dancing, piano playing and monologues were all well done and en­joyable. The delightful carol “Silent Night " and the well-known song " Bless this House " were sung by the final chorus in which the whole cast took part and was exceedingly well given.

Not all of the pupils in this 1949 photo were involved in the concert but several of their names also appear in the programme:
Back row: June Coleman, John Lack, Gay Robertson, Bruce Hodgkinson, Peggy Blanford, Liam Coleman, Jean Austin, Bobby
Rose,Pamela Hawkins, Pauline Hawkins, Sydney Coleman, Betty Chapman, Jean Twelvetree,. Front row: Margaret
Strudwick, Shirley Eady, Patsy Loake, Sheila Moisey, Brenda Roberts, Mr. Cable, Joan Bray, Joan Morgan, Shirley Farrow,
Dorothy Ramsbottom, Shirley Buckby.


1. Opening Chorus

Song and dance ... “I Believe "

Gay Robertson (Troupe Leader)
Marlene Johnson
Shirley Eady
Margaret Mould
Betty Arnold
Jill Keightly
Eunice Bray
Jean Skinner
Jean Drage

2. Pianoforte Solo :

“Anniversary Song”, “Come back to Sorrento“ ... Sidney Coleman

3. Monologue ... " Mimetic Morsel " ... Janet Northern.

4. Duets

Song and Dance “Anchor’s Away ", “Little Dutch Boy " ... Gay Robertson, Shirley Eady.

5.    Ballet    “Spring Song "... Mendelssohn

Jean Coleman
Carol Jennings
Daphne Chester
Ruby Muir
Ann Miller
Avril Anderson
Pamela Plowman
Lindsy Williams
Doreen Hawkins

6.     Solos

“The Lights of Home“, “Souvenirs "... Gay Robertson.

7. Playlet ... " Cabbages and Kings "

King Corum  
Sidney Coleman
His Wife, Meldora
Janet Northern
Their Daughter, Ardita
Joan Bray
King Dorum
  Brian Craddock
His Son, Toro
Tony Court
Peter Simple 
George Eady
King Corum's Servant
 Betty Partridge
King Dorum's Servant
Shirley Farrow
An Official 
Marlene Johnson
A Page 
 Betty Partridge


8. Nigger Ministrels

"Swannee River", "Old Black Joe", "Campdown Races"

George Eady
Bobby Rose
Barry Drage
John Smith
Ray Phipp
David Baish
Peter Clipson
John Evans
John Coleman
Dennis Osborne
Teddy Cope
Michael Abbott

9. Song and Dance

   "Bell Bottom Trousers"
June Coleman, Marlene Johnson.

10. Piano Solos

The Merry Peasant - Schumann
Tulips - H. Baynton-Pozver
The Water Fall - J. Marat

Elizabeth Chapman.

11. Indian Scene

Narrator : Patsy Loak
Chorus :
Gay Robertson
Patsy Loak
Janet Northern
Dorothy Ramsbottorn
Molly Blaxley
Eileen Russell
Brenda Roberts
Marlene Johnson
SyJvia Whiteman
George Smith
Jimmy Strudwick

12. Monologue ... "Tomboy"

Marlene Johnson.

13. Piano Solos

“The Old Lamp Lighter”, “Apple Blossom Wedding “
Joan Bray.

14. Playlet .... “Safety First"

The King
Brenda Roberts
The Queen
June Coleman
The Princess
Sadie Williamson
First Prince
Janet York
Second Prince
Jennifer Cooper
Third Prince
Valerie Roche
Eileen Russell
Shirley Farrow
Dorothy Ramsbottom
Courtiers :
Sylvia    Whiteman

Molly Blaxley,

Margaret Strudwick

  Finale  ... Whole Cast

Carol ... “Silent Night"

Song ... “Bless this House”

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