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Meadowside Junior School
Mrs Cooke's Class (4Y)
January 2004

Meadowside Junior School 2004 - Mrs Cooke's Class : 4Y

Our grateful thanks go to Jan Meads Jr for supplying the photo and all of the names.

Back row: Mrs. Cooke, Danielle Barry, David Boddington, Sophie Kerrou, Natasha McIntyre, Hannah Coles, Josh Law, Ryan Barclay.

Third row: Jack Meads, Zachary Clipson, Vinny Fuoco, Stephanie Cross, Chloe Flynn , Jordan Hearn, Natash Gater, Craig Wood.

Second row: Samuel Roe, Robert Williams, Joshua Greenhow, Paige Scanlan, Olivia Loak, Jasmine Passie, Alice Scarfe, Charlotte Ashworth.

On the floor: Robby Jempson, Jordan Walding, Tabitha Pasqualin, Ryan Chapman, Danielle Slow. (Douglas Edgar was absent)

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