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Meadowside Junior School
Mrs Vessey's Class (4G) : 2000-1

Meadowside Junior School 2000-1 - Mrs Vessey's Class : 4G

Our grateful thanks go to Amy Rose for e-mailing in all of the names missing in the original posting.

Back row: 1. Joshua Perkins, 2. Emmie Coles, 3. Luke Glasuski, 4. Rebeeca Smith, 5. Emily Fearnley, 6. Oliver Collins, 7. Conner Fairweather, Mrs Vessey

Third row : 1. Glen Woods, 2. Chloe Almond, 3. Hannah Jackson, 4. James Greenhow, 5. Jenna Leigh-Bell, 6. Kyle Richardson, 7. Lauren Canavan, 8. Daniel Downing

Second row: 1. Liam Vilette-Ward, 2. Grant Ives, 3. Sophie Stobart, 4. Tom Brown, 5. Toby Winfield, 6. Eisher Mahase, 7. Benjamin Hicks, 8. Alex Neyland

Front row: 1. Terri Chalmers, 2. Darren Bright, 3. Harriet Hudson

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