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Meadowside Junior School
Miss Rogers' Class (3Y) : 2000-1

Meadowside Junior School 2000-1 - Miss Rogers' Class : 3Y

Back row: Miss R Rogers, Laurence Cantello, Roshan Cunningham, ..?.., Joanna Fuoco, Grant Coles, Megan Panter, Emily Galway

Third row: Ryan Howard, Kelsey Smith, ..?.., Yasmin Lizars, Chantelle Slough, Laurence ..?.., Steven Keen, Bethany Murdin

Second row: ..?.., ..?.., Katie Law, ..?.., Sally Kingsnorth, Matthew Slow, ..?.., Charlotte Twelvetree

Front row: Josh Bates, Callum Grey, James Varnfield , ..?.., Sam Walding, Jacob Kerou

Our grateful thanks to Shannon Hindwood for supplying a number of missing names. Could you help us fill in any more blanks? Please get in touch.

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