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Meadowside Junior School
Mrs Marks' Class (3G) : 2000-1

Meadowside Junior School 2000-1 - Mrs Marks' Class : 3G

When we were donated this photo, we were only given half the names. We are indebted to Cassie Wardle and Matthew Gable for supplying many of the missing ones. However, we still need further help!

Back row: 1. Mrs A G Marks, 2. ---?---, 3. Craig Lawrence, 4. Alex Smith, 5. Robert Davis, 6. Samuel Baxter-Haslet, 7. Matthew Grainger, 8. Charlotte Flynn

Third row: 1. Max Robinson, 2. ---?---, 3. Thomas Oldfield, 4. Cassie Wardle, 5. Michayla ---?---, 6. Jake Tetley, 7. Sam Barnes, 8. Andrew Hartley

Second row: 1. Vicki Lodder, 2. Daniel Ashcroft, 3. Emma Smith, 4. Matthew Gable, 5. Carly Britchford, 6. Annabelle Hollingsworth, 7. Josh Brown, 8. Ross Lacey

Front row: 1. Hannah Dyche, 2. Chantelle Green, 3. Sophie Newlyn, 4. Anthony ---?---, 6. Chantelle Althorpe, 6. Jade Hocking

Could you help us fill in any more blanks? Please get in touch.

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