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Meadowside Junior School
Miss Park's Class : 1991-2

Meadowside Junior School Meadowside School - Miss Park's Class : 1991-2

Kate Earl supplied some names for this photo which originally had no names at all. More recently Tom Marlow gave us almost all of the rest. Can anyone help us by filling in 6, 8 and 10?

Back row: 1. Richard Paterson, 2, Chris Cutting, 3. Michael Dawson 4. Lee Jolley?, 5. Luke Almond, 6. Scott Thompson, 7. Thomas Marlow, 8. Matthew Hunt, 9. Simon Jolley, 10. Luke Brindley, 11.Andrew Gudgin, 12. Ross McArthy, 13. Luke Styman

Front row: 1. Daniella Charles? 2, Vicky Callaghan, 3. Haley Dunn, 4. Laura McIlwain, 5. Katie Fabion, 6. ---?---, 7 Joanne Hilson, 8. Katherine ........? 9. Mohini Patel, 10. Emma ......? 11. Amy Mahase, 12. Michelle Coomber

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