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Meadowside Junior School
Mrs Smith's Class : 1975

Meadowside Junior School Mrs Smith's Class : 4Y 1976

We are indebted to Janet Meads Jr for sharing this photo and supplying so many names. The photo is of children in a Year 3 class in their new school. Meadowside Junior School came into existence when the old Council Juniors moved from the High Street to the newly built school in Park Road. The transition happened in January 1975. The children still wear "mufti" - the present-day green uniforms seen on other class photos were adopted later.

Back row: 1. Miss Jones (Student teacher), 2. Jackie Thomas, 3. Jennifer Smith, 4. Anthony Putnam, 5. Jeff Mills, 6. Anthony Parker, 7. Ian Lewis, 8. Andrew Althorpe, 9. Paul Sturman, 10. Mrs. Smith.

Middle row: 1. Lorraine Skippen, 2. Diane Talbot, 3. Tony Owen, 4. Geoff Love, 5. Nick Meads, 6. Jane Winett, 7. Catherine Patrick, 8. Heather Richardson, 9. Glyn Strudwick, 10. Andrew Hudson.

Front row: 1. Philip Moorcroft, 2. Amos Prescott, 3. Caron Hughes, 4. W. Reay, 5. Adrian Loak, 6. Kim Humphries, 7. ---?----, 8. June Pethwick, 9. Harvey York, 10. Vicki Pegg.

Our thanks to Andrew Wright for expanding many of the initials, and to Andrew Hudson for more first names and a couple of corrections. Could you help us fill in the last missing name, or any of the first names for which we have only an initial? Please get in touch.

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