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Article by Margaret Craddock (1978, amended 2005)

History of Education in Burton Latimer

Appendix D

Agreement drawn up between the Managers of the Endowed and the Nonconformist Schools

1 January 1899

“That the Church Day School Managers and the Undenominational Day School Managers enter into the following agreement for a term of five years from 1 January 1899.  That at the end of the period a conference be held of the two bodies of Managers with a view to a final settlement of the question, but that if such a settlement be not arrived at the whole of the educational charities be retained by the Church School Managers, but without prejudice to the right of the Undenominational Managers to make any representations they may see fit to the Charity Commissioners:-

1)    That the two bodies of Managers unite in asking the Department to place the three new schools on the grant list from the date of opening.

2)    That the Church School Managers undertake to hand over year to year to the Undenomination School Managers 3/8 of the total amount received by them from the charities of the village.

3)    That the Undenomination School Managers agree to carry on their schools as voluntary schools for a period of five years from 1 January 1899.

4)    That the School Board withdraw their application for power to supply the deficiency of accommodation.

5)    That the School Board shall limit its work to the administration of the attendance clauses of the Education Acts, unless both bodies of School Managers agree on a joint scheme of Evening Continuation Classes in which case the Board shall be at liberty, if it sees fit, to incur responsibility for such classes.

6)    That should any dispute arise under this agreement it be referred to the arbitration of Mr E P Monckton MP and Mr J Rennie Wilkinson JP or of any umpire they may appoint.”

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