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Article by Margaret Craddock (1978, amended 2005)

History of Education in

Burton Latimer

Appendix B

Charities for Burton Latimer, listed in Whelans Directory 1849

1589 Margaret Burbank (10 acres, and house - left to school (Burton Latimer parish) ANNUAL VALUE £30
1792 Revd Samuel Barwick (5 acres - left for the instruction of infants) ANNUAL VALUE £22 10s
1804 Church Land (115 acres) - left for the church) ANNUAL VALUE £19 15s
1514 Wm and Agnes Scott (£10)* ANNUAL VALUE £44
Rents of Charity Estates (£40*
Mulsoe and Hick's Charity (land)* £8 15s
Richard Hopkins (1 acre, 3 rods)* £6
Poor's Allotment (70 acres)* £48
Luck, Plowright and another doles* £1 5s

*Left to be expended in land - poor

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