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County Council Junior School
Mrs Smyth's Class 1972-3

Burton Latimer - Education: Council School - Mrs Smyth's Class 1972-3

Our grateful thanks go to Diane Garbett (nee York) for sending us a copy of this photo, which also had all the names on the reverse side!

Back row: 1. Mrs Smyth, 2. Timothy Robinson, 3. Dean Stokes, 4. Timothy Wright, 5. Andrew Jolley, 6. Christopher Neal, 7. Mark Langley, 8. Michael Pinnock, 9. Christopher Ward, 10. Steven Pizzey, 11. Kevin Langley, 12. David Strudwick

Middle row: 1. Alan Payne, 2. Andrew Smith, 3. Wayne Kilsby, 4. Martin Toost, 5. Richard Slater, 6. Amanda Davies, 7. Della Brierley, 8. Vicki Reeves, 9. Caroline Thompson, 10. Sharon Boston

Seated: 1. Jayne Smith, 2. Diane York, 3. Susan Tompsett, 4. Carol Northern, 5. Elaine Bull, 6. Martine Chennel, 7. Caroline Pethwick, 8. Dawn Perkins, 9. Tracy White, 10. Lynne Whiteman, 11. Teresa Ward

If you have class photos which we do not have, would you also consider sharing them with us?

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