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County Council Junior School
Mr White's Class 1964-5

Burton Latimer Council School - Mr White's Class mid-1960s

All we were originally told about this photo was that it was one of Mr White's classes in the early 1960s, though we thought it might have been a little later. Huge thanks to Pat Reay for confirming the year as 1964-5 and for giving us all the names of the class..

Back row: 1. John Dacre, 2. Steven Dix, 3. David Blissett, 4. Trevor Burton, 5. Paul McMillan, 6. Jimmy Keech, 7. Kevin Panter, 8. Peter Rumble, 9. Kay Farrelly, 10. Janet Waller

Third row: 1. Mr White, 2. Geoffrey Smith, 3. Phillip Neville, 4. Glen Cousins, 5. Gary Greenwood, 6. John Walker, 7. Mark Butts, 8. Mark Firmin, 9. Pat Reay, 10. Annette James, 11. Penelope Griffin

Second row: 1. Julie Earl, 2. Lawrence Payne, 3. Richard Capps, 4. Cathy Evans, 5. Denise Freeman, 6. Sally Desborough, 7. Fiona Dent, 8. Tina Yates, 9. Susan Baish, 10. Denise Briggs

Seated: 1. Margaret Bulley, 2. Susan Howard, 3. Elaine Underwood, 4. Maureen Clarke, 5. Stella Mitchell, 6. Sarah Hart, 7. Carol Burbidge, 8. Michael Hillary, 9. Kathryn Austin, 10. Carol Figgins

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