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Council Junior School
Mr Norton's Class 1957-58

Burton Latimer Council School - Mr Norton's Class 1957-8

Our grateful thanks to Vic Gray for donating this photo and Anne (Papworth) Hull for helping with a couple of names. If you can confirm any of the queries, or fill in any of the missing names, please get in touch.

Back row: 1. ---?---, 2. Roy Parfitt, 3. Victor Gray, 4. ---?---, 5. Warren Austin, 6. Robin Sharp, 7. Ernie Wallington

Middle row: 1. Dennis Moisey, 2. Brian Wilford, 3. Michael Johnson, 4. David Wallington, 5. Glynis Chamberlain?, 6. Pam Desborough, 7. Alan Desborough, 8. Norman Panter, 9. Neil Cunliffe?, 10. Roderick Dew?

Seated: 1. Judith Childs 2. Susan Granger, 3. Christine Davies, 4. ---?---, 5. Kathleen Smith?, 6. Eileen Moisey, 7. Dilys Morgan, 8. Kathleen Benford

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